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      Hello fellow hip runners !!
      I’m excited to be able to connect with like minded people . I am a 57 year old female from Northern Illinois. I have had both hips replaced. Both posterior, out patient. The right hip was replaced January 2018 , left February 2021 .
      As far as my running career I was a late bloomer. I started running after I watched my daughter run a road race in college. I admired every runner and their commitment to finishing that race . So I attempted to try . My husband and I live on a small farm off a main highway. What attaches us to that highway is a gravel driveway that is a half mile in length.
      I had my own private track all along .
      Little by little I would run further on my private track . Before I knew it I was entering those road races !
      I was hooked . I was surprised at how my body reacted to the consistency of my training. 5ks turned into 10ks
      10ks into half marathons. And of course full Marathons! I even made it to Boston !!
      Shortly after running Boston I could barely lift my right leg into the knee drive of smooth running form . I was diagnosed with simple osteoarthritis in my right hip. I recovered quickly and trained and completed 2 half marathons and a 20 miler . Then the nagging and familiar pain showed up in my left hip .
      So I had my left hip replaced 3yearsafter the right one .
      I am now almost 5 months postoperative .
      I am up to running 20 miles a week . I was in Physical Therapy for 12 weeks .
      I take classes 3x a week at a local gym in a neighboring town . They focus on Core , Strength and Stability. And I have a personal trainer I see twice a week . I believe all those components have set me up for great success. I believe my total body strength training has been my secret weapon! All this in hopes of getting back to Boston!!
      I share my story in hope to give hope and encouragement. I plan to update my progress success and set backs ! We are in this together !!!

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