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      i am nearly one year out, uncemented, everything seemed to be going good and then my thigh started hurting, an internal bruise kind of pain.  WHen i s
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      Hi Jaz,morning to you. It takes at least between a year and 18 months for ” the dust to settle” after a THR.You will continue to get odd unexplained niggles,that you can quite put your finger on. I’m 6 & 4 years out and I still get the odd unexplained not so much a pain as a tingle. Just keep on with the exercises and moving about. Just keep positive and it will come right. Keep us posted.

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      Jaz — My initial thought is: How active are you…with regard to impact actitivites on the hip? And…if you stop those activities for a while does the pain subside? If you’re running, and it’s on hard surfaces such as street/sidewalk, maybe switching to a surface that is more impact forgiving (i.e. off-road). Or, maybe a running shoe with more cushioning.


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      Andrew Harris

      Hi Jaz,
      My immediate thought would be that if you have been fine, then suddenly developed this pain, it might be worth checking out you have no loosening of the femoral prosthesis.
      I may be barking up the wrong tree, but if it is that, better to find out sooner than later.

      Good luck anyway & hope it resolves,


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      Yea, I am 7 months post, I run quite a bit.. 3-6 miles/ day. and I often will have the thigh pain after a long run. It’s getting better each month and I seem to be able to run farther before onset. I ran a 1/2 Marathon last weekend and yes it let me know it. For me I am sure it’s not fermal loosening, as I have a BHR, so there is no femoral post. I’m not certain, but I think it might be the soft tissue / mussel that needs to be rebuilt after the surgical approach. Investigating it seems as this is common in the early stages of running with a BHRs, I know you have a THR…this is Just another perspective. I’m not at all saying I know what it is for you. Just letting you know some of the BHR runners suffer from what seems similar

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Jaz,

      At one year out, if the pain continues to persist, you may want to get it checked out. The bone grows around the unglued stem and should be pretty solid. Still, you are only 1 year out. I didn’t start feeling normal until around 18 months.

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      paul g breda

      no mid thigh pain while running…just when i sneeze or cough while standing straight. in a 1/2 squat there is no pain when i sneeze or cough. not a deal breaker and it goes away right away…. just a curiosity

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      I’m approaching my 2nd THR anniversary. 61 years young.
      I don’t run miles like I used to , but
      I swim a mile a day. I still referee high school football and lacrosse so I’m
      Getting in quite a bit of running. I still have the occasional mid thigh pain which I have no answer for. In A lacrosse tourney I might get in 4 or 5 games worth about 16,000 steps in s 5 hour period and feel really good , no limp or pain, then other days I could have a really easy day, binge watching Netflix and take a step and it feels like a 10 penny nail is driving through my thigh. After s little muscle manipulation the pain disappears. Maybe there’s a nerve that gets crossways somehow. Advil does a good job too. Just wondering if this occasional pain will dissipate like the groin pain I fought through the first year, also it seems the more weight lifting (leg extensions and squats) I do for my quads, the more thigh pain I experience. Doesn’t make sense, but that’s what I noticed.

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