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      I am over 2 years post left hip replacement. Returned to running approximately 1 year after the replacement. However, I began to develop left knee pai
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      Depends on where the knee issue is happening. IT Band at outside of knee, front and under Patella tendon, inside of knee = abductor top of knee quad weak from atrophy.

      Could it be sciatic flaring up where it wants? Which can show symptoms right into the foot.

      Likely a soft tissue issue to do with length of time and torsion of foot plant to – toe off phase of stride.

      I had abductor right at the knee bone and may have it up near the hip at the front: mega massage, ART, heat, foam rollers – give a day’s rest or two before doing again, as deep and hard massage have a stress reaction that the soft tissue needs to recover from…..

      Leg lift when running can irritate because as you declined, leading up to surgery, you probably had a minimal leg lift – especially if you stopped running for a good length of time.

      I would madly massage area, take 25 grams of healthy protein, like eggs and let recover for a couple of days and see PT about strengthening excercises.

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      I am experiencing right knee pain after running. My right hip replacement was beginning of May.
      I am thinking it has too do with needing too loose some weight before I put too much stre on my knee. Running up
      hi hill is easier then running on the flat. The knee hurts on the petaller but can sometimes be sore on the outside. It changes from time too time.
      I had both knees and hips xrays and MRI scans and there are no problems with the joints. I am thinking the weight I am carrying and being too eager too run isn’t a good combination at the moment. I am a stone over weight.
      Any advice?

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