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      Hello, Hip Runners! 42 year-old female here. I had a left THR 18 months ago. I was assured at the time particularly given my age and fitness that reco
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      Hi Kelly, sorry to hear about your problem. Do you know what device was fitted? Just looking around the ‘net it seems there might be a problem with Stryker Tritanium cups not encouraging bone growth properly and thus needing early revisions. I worry about cups loosening as my bone is not brilliant and I try to be fairly active, including a 10 mile race last Sunday which has left me with some hip pain after the sprint finish. My devices have hydroxyapatite or tantalum coatings to get bone ingrowth and so far so good – hoping that the current pain is due to soft tissue being stretched somewhat.
      I don’t think your surgeon would be at fault, I would give him a chance to put things right because he would surely be extra-careful with the revision.
      Revision will require more bone to be removed from the acetabulum, and a bigger cup, but in the cases I have read about this was successful.
      I know nothing about infection after surgery, thankfully.

      Good Luck!


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