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      Hi hip runners, I am so happy I found this group. Your stories are incredible. I am 21 years old and my hip will need to be replaced soon. At age 11 I developed idiopathic AVN in my left hip, and I had a free vascular fibular graft. The surgery provided significant pain relief, and I returned to sport within two years. I played soccer for my high school. I got into weightlifting, running, and triathlon when I was 18. By that point, I had almost forgotten that my left hip wasn’t made to last forever. I fell in love with distance running, and I ran a marathon last year in 3:11. I realize now how stupid I was for running that much.
      About three months ago the pain returned, and I have visited several orthopedic specialists. They all say that I need a replacement and that I have to stop being so active. I just can’t imagine going from running 5-6 times a week to never running again. Right now, I can run a few miles a week with constant pain, but it is getting worse.
      So my options are either delay a replacement until I literally cannot walk and give up running for good or opt for a replacement now. The only reason I would have the surgery now is if I can run again afterwards. I have had some surgeons tell me that I will be able to run after surgery and others who tell me to never run again. I just want to run, even if I never do more than a 10k/Olympic triathlon again. But I don’t want to be having multiple revisions or replacements by the time I am forty.
      I wanted to see if anyone on here has been in the same position as I am. I have never known or heard of a 21 year old who needs a hip replaced. Does anyone have any suggestions for surgeons or types of replacements for someone my age? How much sooner would my hip need to be revised if I run after replacement? Any suggestions or similar stories would be greatly appreciated.

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