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      I’m just 15 days post-op of my THR (left) so I haven’t gotten back into running yet (have been on the stationary bike however). But I’m just wondering
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      Well … it’s all connected, right? I would imagine the knee pain may lessen, since your geometry has been corrected and you aren’t compensating for the pain. So much of that compensation is subconscious, especially if you lived with the pain for a long time before surgery. When you start PT they will probably notice weird habits that you got used to doing to avoid pain, and a good PT will help you correct that. I’m almost 2 years post surgery and I still notice some goofy holdover patterns (like hunching up one shoulder) that need work. It’ll take time, but be patient and pay attention to how you are moving, and see if you start to see improvements. My $.02! Good luck!

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      I had a lot of pain in my left knee prior to surgery (LTHR 10/28/16) – totally vanished within a few weeks afterwards and no reoccurrence. Iā€™m 67. Back running 20+ miles a week and so happy with my bionic joint!

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      Right on, Jenny!

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      Mike T

      My understanding is that pain in the knees can also be referred pain from the hip. In fact, I had minimal hip pain and much knee discomfort but my knee x-rays were excellent. So keep that in mind.

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