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      I’m coming up on my 3rd year anniversary of my anterior right hip emplacement. I had been running quite well until this summer when for the first time in my running history, my right hamstring started to bark. I backed off running for several weeks working with my trainer who seemed to think my right glute was not properly engaged in my running stride. We worked on activating the glut and stretching the hamstring and gradually I got back to running. All was well until I felt my hamstring barking after a computrainer ride. I gave it a week rest and entered into a Thanksgiving day 5K. All was doing pretty well with the hamstring until mile 2 when I had to stop running and walked the rest of the way in. I’m wondering if any of this has anything to do with my replacement? I did notice after surgery my hamstring was tight and havent been able to get the same flexibility as my left leg. Anyone else have this issue?

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