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      In June 2020 I had an anterior total hip replacement on my right side. I have written about the recovery process and my race goals….I do triathlons, w
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      Good plan, Tim – I had my second hip done at 66 as I couldn’t trust it not to let me down in the hills. Ironically I was running pretty well in the month before the operation, fortunately I could still remember how much it had hurt a couple of months before that! It is great to have a surgeon encouraging you to run again but I think he is unduly pessimistic – January would be a good target for jogging, April should be back to racing! Good luck – 5 years later I am still running at roughly the same Master’s percentage as I always did, even though it does seem slow sometimes…


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      Good to hear Pete. The doc said he wanted to make sure the bone had a good chance to graft so the post was solid in the femor. No doubt I will be able to run sooner but will have plenty of bike and swim fitness, critical in 70.3 racing, to regain first so that will keep me busy. I can’t wait to get my mobility back so I am not stumbling through my runs:-)

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      Definitely go now. You actually harm the body by delaying as the knees have to bear extra stress and all kinds of muscles have to adjust to compensate for the weak hip. You can definitely create knee problems by delaying.

      I’m in your same boat. Heading off for a surgical consult this week after the first sign of tight groin pain. Last time I delayed for years. Not this time. Ain’t getting any younger.

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      My advice – don’t put it off and based on your words… you know this already !

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