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      Had my 4-month check up with the orthopedic today and good news, “all is great” according to him. What is remarkable is The level of “unknowns“ still
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hey WedgeC,

      Great job on the 21:48 – despite the strained hammy. You are absolutely on the right track with your thoughts on how you strained it. I am guilty of hammy injuries myself. My hipside hammy is constantly tight and I am often straining it (I relate that to my partial knee replacement on my non-thr side). I think the best advice that I could give you is to really focus on strength training for your legs (like you’ve never done before) along with some good/regular stretching. It’s a new ball game and you’ll still be able to run, but it’s going to take more focus to avoid injuries. Hope this helps and again….great job with the 21:48.

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      Thank you Hip brother Tom! Not glad to hear the extra attention needed on leg strength exercises (I really just want to get out and run!) but Glad to hear you confirm my intuition! Will be sticking with PT for a while!

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