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      Eight weeks ago on December 11,2017 I had my second THR (right hip). Five years ago I had my first THR (left hip). After my first THR I waited five mo
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      Has anyone tried or considered stem cell therapy for hip pain and arthritis. Please let me know your thoughts since I am deciding total hip replacement vs. Stem cell therapy and would like to remain active.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Brian,

      Its so true isn’t it? To be able to maintain good running form while not taking the impact? The Zero Runner was a blessing for me too. I swear by it. My strava feed shows that I live on the Zero Runner. Just had a partial knee replacement yesterday and I can’t wait to get back on it.

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      Mama House

      Hi Robert,
      I’ve had both – I did stem cell implants in May of 2016 and had a THR of my left hip on October of 2017. When I had the stem cell treatment the Dr. was very upfront with me. She said that I would experience pain relief, but that the arthritis was so advanced that my range of motion would not be improved much. She said the pain relief would last up to 4 years if I quit running, but if I continued I would need another stem cell treatment in 2 years. Since my husband had a stroke a month earlier I decided I couldn’t handle surgery then so I had the stem cells. I really did receive tremendous, but not total, pain relief. I still couldn’t tie my shoe without turning like a pretzel, and I still walked like a duck with my side to side waddle! Didn’t stop me from running, but boy did I get funny looks! Sure enough, by last summer the pain was becoming much more intense again, and I decided that the timing was right for the THR and a permanent solution. I am now pain free, I can tie my shoe, and walk without a noticable limp. I’m running on my new Zero Runner, and just completed my first one mile “ground” jog!, My recommend? Get the THR if you are an appropriate candidate.

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      Hi Tom, I hope your knee surgery is a complete success and you are back running shortly!! I have no doubt you will competing again in your age group!

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