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      So here I am, 4 days post LTHR (posterior, uncemented ceramic x poly). My Consultant seems really happy with the outcome, and I’m glad not to have that permanent “osteo” pain any more.

      For the first couple of days I was knocked for 6 – and whilst I could mobilise (on a frame initially but quickly on to crutches), I just didn’t have the energy to do too much … maybe that was my body getting me to hold back to let things settle? The physio team did not let me wallow or rest though – they pushed me to keep going and they clearly know their stuff.

      Anyway, much improved now – despite the obvious wound soreness and bruising caused by the operation, I’m much happier and able to get around. You realise just how hazard-filled your home is once you have to start negotiating it on crutches! I have just completed a walk of just under 1/2 mile – weather’s not great here in the UK so having to get out between the rain showers when I can. My goal now is to get to a mile by my 2-week physio appointment (Thursday week).

      I am trying to keep up with the prescribed exercises, but to be honest I find them pretty boring but I know they are a necessity so I will keep doing them, and see what feedback I get at my 2-week physio appointment.

      The thing I am struggling with most is sleep – or more precisely, the lack of sleep. What is the general view on how long sleep is disturbed for? I am hopeful it’ll be just a few weeks.

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