5k Race ticked off! 10k next Sunday

One of the main drivers for rehabbing quickly following my THR in July was to complete a 5k race. Now this might seem a strange goal for a guy that has primarily focused on marathon and Ironman for the past decade, but I didn’t want to be stuck on Parkrun 5k number 99 for the rest of my days!!!!

I’ve used the free 5k races over the years as speed training for the longer events. Reaching the magical 100 is a celebrated milestone -rewarded by a ‘100 club’ t-shirt. However, I had a feeling my surgeon would be reluctant to delay my surgery just so that I could complete one more race.

So, on Saturday 5th October I lined up with a few hundred fellow competitors, gritted my teeth and ran around in a time of 20.51 for 44th position.

The course is a three lap up and down challenge and I’ve got to admit that my body developed some serious aches and pains post race. Adductors, glutes and hip flexors were all screaming! But massage and rest helped me kick on and return to training within 48 hours.

The next challenge is a fast, flat 10k this coming Sunday. I’ll let you know how that one goes! lol

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