Margaret – Two Week Post Op

Sorry for the long delay in posting. I had a left total hip replacement March 5th. I had some complications from all the different drugs I was given. The hip surgery went fine. Right afterwards my heart rate and blood pressure dropped. I spent 3 days in ICU, had two units of blood, a heart ultra sound, a brain MRI and found out everything was functioning fine. Once they got my blood pressure and heart rate stabilized I spent two more days in the regular ward, only to find out all the pain meds made me very nauseous.  I feel like I failed my “Dressing 101” class in the hospital and barely passed my PT walking up and down the hall because I was so nauseous and had to get back to bed. I walked and did stairs with no problem except a spinning head. After 5 days we headed home. At home I tried a different pain med with the same nausea results. My next two days were spent in bed, still too sick to get around. I quit all pain meds and started taking Tylenol as needed for pain. On day 8, things took a turn for the good. I was up and able to start walking laps on our deck. There is still 2 to 3 feet of snow around the house. We live remotely in the mountains.

I met with my surgeon yesterday for my two week check up. He was very happy to see me feeling better. I asked how far he thought I should be able to walk now and he said 1/2 mile and keep adding as it feels right to me. I feel the first 7 days resting was a good thing and has not held me back at all. I was able to do my PT handout and got another one yesterday to continue to build on. He reminded me these first 6 weeks are critical for healing and not to overdo it. I went into surgery in good shape, x country skiing 7 to 10 miles almost daily, which I … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Tom – Welcome to 6 New Hip Runners

Our  group continues to grow.  From a personal trainer/ironman triathlete, to an individual who runs to be happy……..Please welcome 6 new hip runners:

Rick R: (Aug 2007-Reconstructed OCT 2011): I have run 5 marathons on my BHR.  and then my cup broke out from my ace-tabular. I was able to have the inventor of the BHR fix me in Birmingham England. I have since competed in the 2013 Ironman World Championship in Hawaii among many other races. Super grateful for Dr. McMinn and another chance.

Kevin G: (March 2010): I would just like swap stories and progress with other hippies

Cheryl G: (AUG 1985):  I would like to share my success with my replacement, this year will be 29 years since my original surgery.

Robin D: (TBD): Would love to share my progress.

Christine W: (MAR 2006):  I was a runner for almost 30 years (never competitively), when disabling hip pain indicated an alarming absence of cartilage in my left hip. The deterioration progressed quickly, and I had a THR at age 54 (8 years ago). I recovered quickly and now do almost everything *except* running. I have been speed walking and have completed two half-marathons. The most recent was 3:15. A friend who is a rheumotologist said that it was ridiculous to forbid running and that the docs were being overly cautious–I have never forgotten that, and now I want to try!

Amanda O: (JUN 2007): I had a full hip replacement at age 30. I’m now 43 and running daily – perhaps more than I should. I keep my miles down – almost never more than 5 miles – and try to listen to my body. If I start having pain I back off. I was advised against running by my doctor and for the first couple years I didn’t run much. But after going through some stressful periods, I found I really needed running to stay happy. So I’m still running. I run occasional 5ks (and one 10K a year). It makes me happy.  I know it’s not advised, but I’m hoping for the best because I

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Maree – Hip Runner from Australia

Hi everyone, love reading your posts on your recovery from your hip replacement op’s, wish I had found this when I had mine 3 years ago! Obviously against the surgeon’s recommendations, I have started to jog (I won’t say run, I can’t go that fast!) again in the last 6 months, feeling that surely by now everything in my new hip would be settled.  I started out with strength training to get my core muscles under control and last weekend I completed my first  10km fun run.  I was happy on how I went, especially my recovery, because I am doing another one this weekend!  I must admit though, my hip is starting to niggle, I refuse to take it as a “warning sign”!  Will go back to brisk walking and strength training post next race until the next one in April. Was wondering if there is anyone out there that is in my time line with a new hip, and how far/often they run? Do they have any lingering soreness afterwards?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)