6 Weeks Post THR update

Hi all!  Today is my 6 week mark.  I am happy with how things are going — I have to admit I am stunned when I read some posts about people doing ‘all activities’ at this point or running not too far from now…Wow!  I guess everyone recovers at different paces and I’m trying hard not to be too jealous.  🙂

PT is going well but I’ve been struggling a bit with a strained hip flexor which has made it hard to do some of the strengthening exercises but patience, patience, patience.   I can walk pretty easily at least mile or so without stopping for a break.

I’m just really stiff most of all — The hip was always tight even before the surgery b/c of years of struggles with the dysplasia.  Question for the group  — for those that had a long-term battle with muscle pain/tightness b/c of either dysplasia or over compensation — Have you also experienced challenges with getting your muscles to try and ‘relax’ and get used to your new, properly aligned hip?

The hip itself doesn’t really seem to hurt at all, it’s just all the muscles that were so tight before are battling to figure out this new configuration.  Would appreciate any feedback/tips.

Thanks all!

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Which surgery to pick?

Hi guys,

My right hip is degenerating and the pain is getting worse every week.  I was diagnosed 7 years ago at age 30 with dysplastic hips and got both labrums repaired by Dr. Kelly from HSS.  Because of the arthritis, Dr. Kelly is recommending I get a hip resurfacing by Dr. Suh to avoid the THR due to my age and activity level.  I frequently run, lift weights, swim, crossfit, and bang hard.  Would anyone recommend a doctor in NJ or NYC area for a 2nd opinion?  I’m nervous the hip resurfacing won’t fix the stability of the dysplastic hip and I’ll need a THR too soon.  The hip resurfacing is supposed to last 15 to 20 yrs.  Please email me any experience shares or ideas @ finaldid@hotmail.com.  Feedback or advice is welcome!

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32 days

Post THR.  This morning I woke up for the first time and felt I didn’t need any pain meds at all — Not even the Tylenol.  I took a dose before I went to bed and had been taking a dose upon waking to kick the overnight pain out.  Today, a little creaky and stiff, but not real pain and not enough to want meds.

I know it’s a tiny milestone but I’ll take it!  I backed a bit off on my activity; think I was doing too much (even though it felt like barely anything to me) and it has made a world of difference.  Going to the gym in the morning and just doing my PT exercises, some light upper body work and some stretching.  Limiting my stairs/walking a bit as I had a lot of pain/tightness in the front of my hip and that has gone way down.  Will try and increase again maybe in a few days.

Happy Monday everyone!  🙂

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Counting down the days..

Hi all. I have been following this site for quite some time. I am a 34 year old mother of 5 year old twins and was born with hip dysplasia. I have advanced
osteoarthritis & no more cartilage left in my left hip..I developed a love for running around 30 and miss it so much! I’ve always had pain and knew i was pushing when i would run, but the rush of feeling so alive is what kept me at it. My THR surgery is scheduled for April 3rd at HSS..I’m pretty nervous & hope this is not something i say “what did I get myself into?”, but desperatley want to be someone who says “why did i wait so long?!”…I need to get out of this rut that’s not quite living to me. The pain and inability to do pretty much everything has made me someone I don’t even like. I am trying to get myself into the right mind set for the road ahead and have my THR Tough shirt already!;) Any words of advice? … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

One more Half Marathon – Just one….

At my Tuesday Night Workout with the SDP Boys last week, I finally decided that I would run the Snake River 1/2 marathon coming up on the weekend.  My knee and hip are still slowing me down, but I figured, why not get one more in before I have to take a long break.  My teammates started quizzing me about my goal time.  I laughed and told them I was barely able to run 7:00 minute miles right now, but if I ran under 1:30:00 I’d be pretty happy.  I laughed at the thought of holding 6:52’s for 13.1 miles.  That just seemed a bit out of reach right now.  That discussion set the wheels in motion for two of my SDP buddies Bill “Fitz” Fitzner and Christopher Goodwin.  They made it their goal to get me in under 1:30.  The course is an out and back run through the beautiful but windy Snake River Gorge.  At the starting line on the day of the race,  Fitz said, “OK, we’re going out at 7:00 minute pace and at the turn, we’ll step it up to 6:45.”.  Christopher Goodwin nodded in agreement.  “Oooookkk”.  I said, but personally, I thought they’d drop me in the first few miles and I’d stumble my way to the finish happy to complete the half marathon, no matter what.  When the gun went off, we went out faster than I anticipated.  After about 400 meters I looked at my watch and saw that we were running 6:41 pace.  Fitz and Goodwin reigned me in, and we settled into a nice 6:48 pace.  This was actually a better pace for me.  I didn’t think I would have the ability to increase my pace by 15 seconds per mile halfway through the race.  The wind had us running one behind the other down the road, taking turns leading to block the wind and allowing others to draft.  Other friends joined in as we fought off the wind and alternated – I only took the lead once.  I was grateful.  Amazingly, we had maintained 6:48’s up to the turn.    … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

DarrenO first post – Ceramic or plastic??

Hi All

I’m 40 years old and have finally accepted my fate! I need a new left hip.
I’m hoping to make a return to running (maybe not the marathons of before but hopefully 10ks?)

I’ve been to see a consultant in recent weeks who has suggested I might be able to get back to short distances. He actually suggested that sprint triathlons might be the way to go. I think he was secretly being very conservative as he suggested that many patients feel so good post op that they tend to overdo it.

He has suggested ceramic on plastic for me but now after a lot of research I’m wondering is ceramic on ceramic a better option for my running ambitions? It would be great to hear other people’s opinions and experiences on this?

Thanks in advance

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Peter M – All Clear at 6 Weeks!

Hello All,

I’m ecstatic to report I received the “all-clear” at my 6 week follow up visit with my surgeon yesterday. I am now allowed to resume normal activities. The first thing I did after they told me that was tie my own left shoelace. I hadn’t been able to do that for quite a while. Today, I may be more adventurous and try to cut my toenails. And tomorrow, if this snowstorm subsides, I will try to jog a quarter mile.

Aside from this tightness (I was very stiff even before surgery), my biggest problem is still sleeping at night. I was taking mega doses of oxycodone an hour before bed time. But that didn’t help me sleep, so I gave up the pills (again) about a week ago. I would truly appreciate if anybody out there has any suggestions for sleep aids that don’t involve narcotics, wine, or weed.

I am going to miss my cane. I’ve grown attached to it. People are so much kinder and friendlier when they notice my cane. And I always get a seat on the subway! I will also miss the affinity I have felt with others I have encountered walking with canes. I’ve met at least a half dozen interesting people in the last 6 weeks who have exchanged comments about cane features, styles, walking speeds, gaits, limps, and so on. I guess I still feel an affinity with these less fortunate souls even though I no longer need my cane. I have walked a mile in their shoes and I have had a glimmer of what it is like for them.

Next milestone is in another 6 weeks. They tell me by that time I will be close to “normal” and ready for heavy lifting.


Peter M (a/k/a Speedy Petie a/k/a The Hipster)
March 5, 2015

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20 days post THR and getting better — But still frustration

Hi everyone!  Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since my right THR.  I had my surgical checkup and my doc said I was doing fantastic — walking easily with no cane, incision healing beautifully, etc…

I’ve been doing the home PT and walking a little bit every day, increasing a bit each time.  I only had one setback at the end of last week where I obviously did too much last Friday/Saturday and Saturday my body let me know — a throb and pain in the leg and hip I hadn’t had before.  Took it easy Sun/Mon just doing PT exercises and limited walking and today I feel much better, ready for my first outpatient PT session today and driving again!

The only painful part for me is the back of my knee/leg on the surgical side — Had lots of bruising there and find it is always the most painful and very painful to sleep on it for any period of time — Anyone else have this?

Also, I’m discovering that everyone’s body reacts differently to pain meds — and the process of coming off of them.  I’ve been weaning down off the Tramadol for several days (getting down to only at night) and happy to report I have been only on Tylenol now (which I think does squat but can’t switch to Advil till I finish my Celebrex in about a week) — But I can tell my body is struggling with the removal of the stronger drug.  I’m more easily upset, felt weaker, I don’t feel ‘like myself’ — but it is getting better.  I know not everyone has adverse reactions to pain drugs but this has been a great lesson for me if I ever need pain meds again.

I can relate to Andy’s recent post about tapering Tramadol!  Some of these meds are just so complex it’s hard to know how your body reacts.

Excited for outpatient PT today and ready to push myself!  Thanks for everyone’s great stories.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

20 days in and feeling good!

Andy Carmichael

I’m 72 years old and have been running pretty much injury-free for 36 years. Suddenly in late September 2014 the day after a modest little 3 mile run, I was in bad pain down my right side – groin, thigh and leg. For the next two months, I could still walk as much as I liked, but by mid-December, a CT-Scan showed I was almost bone on bone.

Total hip replacement surgery happened February 10, 2015 and even I’m surprised at my speedy recovery. I’ve been driving and walking for 10 days and return to work this week. My surgeon’s delighted and doesn’t want to see me again until April.

It seems my fast decline – going from walking fairly normally to surgery in less than two months – has helped with my recovery. The muscles didn’t get a chance to atrophy and I was able to transition directly from a walker to walking four days after surgery, which my surgeon says is ‘remarkable’.

The only hiccup? When I returned home, I stopped taking Norco (narcotic) and replaced it with Tramadol. It worked fine until I tried to go cold turkey last Friday. Saturday morning, it felt like I had a bad dose of ‘flu plus what I imagine the DTs feel like. When I checked online, it seems to be a typical reaction. So now, I’m tapering over several days and feeling much better.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Knee Report – Staying Positive


In my previous post, I mentioned that my knee doctor told me that my knee pain was directly related to my hip. So I went to my hip doctor and he agreed, the knee pain was most likely coming from the impingement in my hip. The hip would need to be scoped and I would need to see a different doctor about getting the hip scoped. On 2/23 I saw that doctor. He didn’t agree completely with the previous 2 doctors diagnoses. He said that while there was an impingement in the hip, it would not necessarily completely fix the problem with the knee. Showing me the X-Rays he pointed to arthritis in the knee. While it is true the other 2 doctors mentioned a thinning of the gap between the femur and the lower leg bones, they sounded pretty positive that the pain stemmed from the issues that I was having with my hip. This new doctor also seemed to think that because the pain came on right after my Hoopfest collision, that there was probably some damage in the knee. Hmmmm that’s what I thought. Even so, he did see the impingement and agreed that it should be removed.  He suggested we get an MRI on the hip to see how healthy it was before he considered scheduling a scope. I asked if the MRI could also take a look at the knee. No problem. The clinic hasn’t called me yet to schedule the MRI, so I am playing the waiting game. Staying optimistic about this whole thing. It won’t get me down.  Defying the discomfort, I have put in a couple of good runs so far this week. The pace certainly isn’t my fasted and there were moments during those runs that I could really feel the knee pain,  but the sun was shining and I ran in a tank top. It was great to be able to soak up the Vitamin D and get in a good sweat.  I am feeling all sorts of tightness in my  glute on my THR (left) side and I … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

12 Days Post THR and I see the light!!!

Had my first follow up with my surgeon today — Had the dressing removed and he said everything is healing beautifully with my incision.  It still seems amazing that something so drastic can heal so fast!!!  New round of x-rays shows everything where it is supposed to be and perfectly aligned — yay!

My PT has me cleared now to walk a little bit more and added another set of exercises to my daily routine.  Last night I took my first real walk to a local restaurant for dinner and it felt so great!

My main goal now is to wean off Tramadol this week and am already scaling down each day — Now just at 2 pills.  Once I’m off the Tramadol and I feel OK (i.e. not a little bit loopy) I am cleared to drive — Yay!

I know I still have so far to go to get to where I was and where I want to go eventually, but it is an amazing feeling to ‘turn the corner.’  I talked with my doc today about the emotional effects of going through something so instantaneously debilitating for someone young/healthy/fit…He said it actually fit in well with a talk he just attended comparing the emotional stress of major surgery with PTSD.  I might write a piece about this (I am a freelance writer).  Curious if anyone else had similar emotional breakdowns dealing with the feelings of incapacitation/’broken-ness’ — Would love some feedback!

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Thank you everyone for the encouragement!!!

And all the tips/feedback as I am now 8 days post THR and excited to be feeling better every day!  PT is going well and of course am excited to do more but am resolved to do ‘the amount prescribed’ as many people have told me one of the big ways to set yourself back is to overdo it.  So, I’ll still to my 5-minute walks and ‘circuit’ of bed and standing exercises until the therapist gives me more on the next visit.  🙂… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

6 days post THR and realizing the real enemy is…the pain meds!

I’ve been home for 3 days now since my THR on 2/12 — I had some problems with pain (the block did not really work effectively in the procedure making me wake up in pain in recovery, not ‘numb’ as I was told I would be by my doc), and as a result needed more oral pain blockers.

It was pretty OK in the hospital with lots of opportunities to move around in the adjustable bed and constant fluids.   Once home, I found myself miserable — feeling sick from all the pain meds — Nausea, constipation, dizziness, weakness.  Unable to eat much b/c of no appetite.  By the time I had my first PT appointment on Monday I broke down in tears.

I was so frustrated by feeling so ‘doped’ it was dragging me down.  I would rather just lie there in pain than feel all of this loopiness.   And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise — pain meds wreak havoc with your digestive system and being so backed up you are in tears makes it impossible to feel better.  After 4 days and several treatment tries, and an eventual enema, I got relief.  Unfortunately, my stomach was extremely jacked up for the next 12 hours as the result of everything ‘working’ all at once.

My goal now is to get off pain meds and just onto tylenol.  I started out with Oxycodone which is EVIL.  Switched 2 days ago to Tramadol which has been much better but it’s still a pretty heavy drug.  This morning I did not take Tramadol when my dose was due, just extra strength Tylenol.  So far so good; we’ll see how I do the rest of today.

Incision seems to be doing well and my biggest physical issue is the stiffness/soreness from sitting and laying down for the last 6 days.  Wish I could do some yoga and just stretch it all out!

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5 months.

Hello all.  It’s been 5 months since my THR.  I’ve gone from counting weeks to counting months.  How time flies!  I’m looking forward to that point when I won’t be thinking about my new hip at all.  In month 5 I started biking in addition to running.  I got out my old mountain bike that I hadn’t used in years because my hip hurt too much to bike.  Aired up the tires and went for a short 6 mile ride on a multi-use asphalt path that I also run and walk on.  It felt great!  Zero pain in the hip.  I followed that up with a couple of 9 mile bike rides the over the next few days.

Unfortunately, my knee on my non-THR side started giving me problems.  I’ve got a history of knee pain from a bad soccer sprain 30 years ago that keeps coming back to haunt me.  It started aching really badly on Feb. 9, which is unfortunate because I wanted to run the Cupids Chase 5K on the 14th.  I took the rest of the week very easy and by the 13th, the knee felt much better so I went ahead and registered for the Cupid’s Chase.  I figured if my knee gave me problems, I would just run slow or even walk.  Well, it turns out both my knee and hip felt pretty good.  I was able to run as fast as my heart and lungs would allow….which after a year and a half of slow running turned out to be an 8 minute average pace.  I was hoping to finish in under 25 minutes and made it in 24:38.  Whoo hoo!

My last good 5K race was almost 5 years ago, just before my hip started giving me problems, and I did that in 2o minutes.  I know I’m older now, but if I can get down to 21 or 22, I’ll be happy.  Heck, I’m already happy to just be able to run without pain!

Next month, I’m going to start increasing the distance and intensity.  I’ve been  running about 3 to … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

36 hours post THR and home resting

Well, everything seemed to go great with my THR on Thursday with one exception — It appears that the spinal block didn’t totally work.  I woke up in pain (which my doc assured me would NOT happen) and apparently I ‘flinched’ at the incision — oh great!  Luckily I didn’t feel/don’t remember that but my doc seemed very unhappy that the block didn’t work like it should have.  He apologized several times.


The biggest downfall was I was in a lot of pain the first 12 hours and they were giving me lots of oral meds which made me too dizzy to do anything beyond sit up and take a few steps with a walker.


Day 2 was so much better; dizziness subsiding and getting good rest. By that afternoon I was on crutches walking the corridor.  Morning of day 3 I did laps around the floor and did stairs/curb fine with crutches, so I got to go home that afternoon!


First evening home was fine and even slept pretty well with the adductor wedge.  Pain is very manageable and have my first home PT appointment tomorrow, so here we go!!!!


Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement and support — I appreciate it!!!

Aimee.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

This Darn Knee!


Three years and 2 months post hip surgery I am fighting a knee issue on the side of my non-THR hip.  In a past post, I explained that it was injured playing in Hoopfest in late June of last year.  It has basically sidelined me from competing.  I am getting progressively slower and slower and keeping up with the SDP boys has become a painful chore.  Oddly enough, my last best race, was when I first reported that I  injured my knee during Hoopfest.  Next to running, basketball is one of those things that I just love to do.  In the 25 years that Hoopfest has existed,  I have never missed a single one – even in the year that I got my hip replacement.  In a past post I reported that  my knee ortho doc said that the knee pain was not related to the collision I had in Hoopfest, but instead was related to my right hip.  It was hard to believe because all-of-the-knee-pain-started-after-the-collision.  So in January, I went to see my superstar Hip Doctor (his PA Actually – Scott Wood), and received confirmation that yes indeed, the hip was causing problems which would be the reason for the knee pain.  The X-Ray showed that I had a Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) on the neck of my right femur.  Basically, I have a bone spur on the neck of  my femur which is affecting the range of motion for my hip, which in turn is causing me to run with an irregular gait, which in turn is giving me the knee pain.   OK! Now that I have received a double confirmation from the Hip Doctor AND the Knee Doctor, I’ll stop fighting the notion that the knee pain is being caused by damage to the knee which started after my collision in Hoopfest.    A full THR is not needed to fix this, the hip just needs to be scoped and the impingement needs to be removed.  Still, the recovery time is 4 to 6 months.  I am ok with that if it will get me back out on … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

T-Minus 24 hours to THR and new to this site

Hi all!  I found this site a few weeks ago as I was researching opinions/stories, etc. about running after a THR.  I was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia about 10 years ago and have been effectively ‘ignoring’ it since then — By that point, I wasn’t a candidate for corrective surgery — too much damage already done.  Was told by my doc each year to stop running.  Of course I didn’t!

I only got into running as an adult at age 26, doing my first marathon and was hooked!  After the diagnosis still did a few more marathons and several half marathons.  In 2011 I did my last half (hopefully not!) as hip pain was getting more severe, stiffness was overwhelming, etc.

Finally went to officially see an orthopedist last year after using massage therapy, stretching, pain meds, etc. to keep it at bay as long as possible.  He looked at my films and said “wow.”  He was amazed I was even walking.  I was still running 4-5 miles 2-3X a week at that point.

So, I bit the bullet and scheduled myself for a THR.  The x-rays don’t lie — my hip joint is a wreck.  For a few weeks I kept saying ‘maybe I don’t need it, maybe it will get better.”  Hah.  Now, on the eve of the procedure I’m ready — pain has limited even basic walking and I know it’s time.

This site has gotten me excited about all the activities and lifestyle I will be able to enjoy after the procedure — maybe even running again!  Not sure since I will be destroying what’s left of my left hip with each run, but everyone’s story gives me a lot of encouragement and hope — and most importantly, to know I’m not alone and it’s OK to be bummed when your doctor says “your running days are over.”

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Peter M – 1 week after surgery


I feel pretty good considering it is exactly 1 week after my THR. Since I work at home, I am now fully functional, albeit on a limited schedule. I take 2 or 3 naps to break up my day. That allows me to elevate my leg and apply ice. I find ice to be more effective than the opium pills. Surprisingly, I have grown accustomed to the cold, and I even find it to be very soothing.

One of my problems is sitting behind the computer for too long. The pain in my groin while sitting is only about 2 on a scale of 10. I’m kind of used to this since I had similar pain prior to surgery. The simple cure for this silly problem has been setting a kitchen timer so that I don’t sit for more than an hour.

A real problem is sleeping. The pain at night is not severe, but it is more than enough to keep me awake. I spent a couple of sleepless nights without medication. However, it is more important for me to get rest, so I have decided to go back on the opium pills at night.

There are many reasons to avoid this synthetic opium. I believe the pills impede your recovery. One of the things I hate the most about them is they make me grind my teeth. I chipped an incisor the other night and I have no desire to schlepp up to my beloved dentist’s office. Dental care will have to be deferred.

I’ve been walking about a quarter mile per day with my cane. The Blizzard of 2015 was not as bad as we anticipated. I was even able to get down to the corner store for groceries on ice free sidewalks before the storm.

The first few steps are very painful. But after that I get into a groove – just like back in my running days. I would rate the pain while walking at 6 or 7 on a scale of 10. At first, the pain in my wrist was at the same level. (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

New Member

I been a runner for close to 10 years and played various sports, including a mens flag football league, for 20+ years. I had hip pain starting about 5 years prior, at first only when I ran, then throughout every day, although once I got 1-2 miles into my run the pain went away. I kept running even though my PCP took x-rays and said I had to stop. Finally the pain wouldn’t go away at any point of running and I was regularly waking up at night in terrible pain.

I had my replacement in May 2014 and started off very strong, getting released from the hospital the day after my operation (and winning a bet from my PCP that it wasn’t possible!). Then recovery went slow, even though I ditched the cane after 2 weeks I felt like I’d never be able to run again. Certain simple movements still bothered me, such as standing up from a sitting position – I’d have to pause a moment to let my hip seemingly “settle” into position. But I’ve been doing 7 mile workouts on the elliptical and today did 1.5 miles jogging on the treadmill.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get to where I was before with running, but I’d like to work in some 5k’s this year. I do worry about wearing it out – at my age (45) I don’t want to kill this thing in 20 years and have to face a 2nd operation.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Kathy D– 7 weeks post-surgery

So glad to have found this site a month or so before my Dec 11 2014 surgery! I am a runner, rollerblader, cyclist, and soccer player.  Went through the typical cycle (I must have bursitis. I must have a groin pull. I must have a torn labrum. Aaaackkkk– I have severe arthritis!) over 2 years, then another year of chiropractic/accupuncture/supplements/physical therapy/steroid shots, everything but voodoo to try to improve on pain and mobility. Took a long time to face the thought of hip replacement surgery at 54 but when I could no longer walk 10 yards without pain, and couldn’t stop thinking about it even on the soccer field, my usual place of utter escape, I scheduled it.  I had posterior “minimally invasive” surgery with one 5 inch and one one inch incision, titanium parts, high tech plastic liner.   The first two weeks were much rougher than I expected in terms of muscle pain, and during them I couldn’t bear to go on this site!  But cane was gone as of day 8 or so, and on day 14, I turned a corner: post-surgery pain was gone, limp all but gone.  No problem returning to teaching at the end of the winter break.  Now I am aggressively doing the PT exercises and stretches, walking tons including a one hour “hike” (flat ground) recently, riding a recumbent exercise bike most days for 20 minutes on low tension, and champing at the bit to start really biking and get a timetable for running.  My doc says I can eventually return to everything, even including soccer (in my older women’s league, not exactly the World Cup). I haven’t seen anything anywhere about anyone playing soccer after THR– has anybody?  Any how soon do people return to riding real bikes? I don’t have a clear idea about whether the real danger is dislocation or tearing something from falling, or what.  Thanks, all!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)