4 months post-THR

I’m a little over 4 months post-surgery now and just returned from something that would have been impossible before THR– spent 3 weeks working, walking, and biking in Europe, mentally thanking my surgeon with every pain-free step. But I’m not getting much good physical therapy– my insurance doesn’t cover much and the PTs they sent me to didn’t seem to have very ambitious goals– much more focused on helping people walk than on returning athletes to their endeavors. And my doc has no plans to see me again or check anything unless there’s a problem. Anybody else have experience with this kind of hands-off care? I’ve collected lots of exercises to do at the gym and at home, but wish I had a little supervision, especially because it is my plan to return to my (over 40 low key) women’s soccer league eventually. I’ve been running a little bit (2 miles at a clip easily with only a little hip fatigue) and biking a lot but don’t really know how hard to push.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Back to Square One – The Knee


Yesterday I finally met with the Dr. to discuss the results of my MRI on my hip and my knee.    I had built up this hope that we were going to create an action plan to put me on the road to recovery and back to my running times of just a year ago.  The appointment did not go as planned, and I left feeling less than optimistic.  There are definitely issues going on with both the knee and the hip.  With my hip, I have some loose bone fragments, a torn labrum and an impingement on the neck of my femur.  On my knee, I have some meniscus damage and signs of bone stress indicating…ugh…arthritis.  So what to do?  I told the doc that the hip is occasionally tight but it is the knee that is causing the most pain.  He told me that if I wasn’t in a lot of pain with the hip then we should hold off on doing anything there.  So we focused on the knee.  He pointed out that there is very little meniscus left on the inside of my knee (bone on bone) and was not too optimistic about a repair.  To him, the MRI just showed signs of arthritis.  I didn’t even ask THE QUESTION (we hip runners all know what that question is) because I knew what his answer was going to be.   I did not feel any positive energy in that space.  Luckily, I am an optimist.  I always go back to when this knee got hurt……Hoopfest.   My knee started hurting after I was involved in a hard foul (not my fault).    Arthritis did not instantly flair up in that moment.  I know there is damage there.  The MRI shows it.  So even though the bones are showing signs of stress, I can’t help but think that the stress is partially tied to that collision at Hoopfest.  With that in mind, I am heading back to my superstar knee doctor.  He’s an optimist.  He’s already seen the MRI and agreed to scope it and clean it out.   I … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

10 weeks post THR and feeling strong!

Hi all!  So today is my 10 week mark — have my official 12-week checkup in a little over 2 weeks from now and amazed at the progress made just in the last few weeks.  Minor swelling but all bruising is gone, no more tenderness and incision looks better each day.

Each week I am pushing myself more with physical activity — I’m now up to 30 minutes at a good clip on the exercise bike, plus then another 10 – 15  minutes on the treadmill walking briskly uphill at 10% incline.  My biggest goal is to get my cardio strength back to where it was and continue to build strength.  I can now do leg presses/leg extensions with increasing amount of weight, and weighted leg raises.

My hip itself still feels a little weak — Anyone have any good hip strengthening  exercises they would recommend?

This last week after a good workout I found myself tempted to think about trying to jog on the treadmill….Not ready to try, but thought about it!

To any Hip Runners out there doing the La Jolla Half Marathon this weekend, good luck!  The course starts right by my house so plan to be out on highway 101 cheering everyone on!  Jealous as all get out of course.  🙂… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Advice on starting out on a return to running

About 1 year out from THR and starting to run again.  Doctor understands the need to run occasionally but didn’t endorse anything over the occasion few miles.


i ran yesterday and was fine at 11 min/mile for 1.5 miles.  Plenty of cardio lest and legs felt fine.  My goal is to get to around a 7 min/mile pace for just 3-5 miles.  Nothing faster or longer.


Considering my goal (by October) looking for advice on whether you guys would suggest 1) increasing distance or 2)increasing pace.  In addition, how much at a time, does the 10% increase of mileage per session still apply.?  What about speed increases?


thanks guys.  I’m rather heavy for a runner at 185 lbs and could stand to lose 15 to get rid of the pudding around my waist.  Don’t want to destroy the THR, so also using calisethics, the elliptical, and soon will be swimming to get the weight down although there is a bowl of empty ice cream next to me as I type this.  And an empty pizza box.  And two empty beers.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

So it’s not all in my head….



I am 3 years and 4 months into my new (left) hip.  It is doing great!  But as I have stated in previous post(s) my right hip and knee have been giving me problems.  I finally had my MRI … finally … and although I haven’t been able to speak with the Doc yet (next week), I was able to download the report.  If the meeting with my doc is as bad as the report sounds….then I have to say without reservation….I’m a freakin’ badass!  Am I allowed to say that on my own Blog?  All I know is that I am relieved that it is not all in my head and there is a reason why my performances have dropped off this year.  Now to get it fixed….

Here is the report…


  1. Complex process involving the right hip, with a combination of dysplasia, CAM and pincer type FAI likely contributing to the appearance. Large acetabular rim fracture fragments are likely a function of excessive rim stresses related to a degree of dysplasia (acetabular rim syndrome: Klaue, Durnin, Ganz. J Bone Joint Surg Br. 1991 May;73(3):423-9), now displaced and contributing to a pincer type impingement, with large femoral head neck junction bump.
  1. Extensive labral tear from the 3 o’clock position anteriorly to the 9 o’clock position posteriorly.
  1. Full-thickness chondral damage along the anterior superior and superior lateral femoral acetabular articular surfaces.
  2. Iliopsoas tendinosis and bursitis.
  3. Severe osteitis pubis with secondary cleft signs bilaterally suggesting an aponeurotic plate injury. Osteitis pubis and femoral acetabular impingement are commonly associated.


  1. New full-thickness chondral damage to the medial compartment with associated extensive subjacent marrow edema to the medial tibial plateau and medial femoral condyle. Small subchondral stress fracture suggested of the posterior weight-bearing surface of the medial femoral condyle.
  1. Degenerative free edge tearing of the posterior horn and posterior body of the medial meniscus, in the area of prior partial meniscectomy.
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10 Weeks post surgery and all is going well

Hi All,

I passed the 10 week post surgery mark this past week and thought I would give an update.

I am progressing very well. Hip strength is coming back and the pain level is very low. It is nothing a couple IBU cannot knock down. Balance is still a bit of an issue. I am working a lot on that now.

My PT is working me with some challenging work outs and it is really helping, especially with strength and balance. I am glad I chose this PT to work with. He is a personnel friend so he knows me and knows what I want to accomplish. With his help I will certainly get there, and that means running again.

I did get a nice 30 mile bike ride in over the weekend and that felt grand. I do feel my stamina needs some work, so with the weather finally turning warmer around here, I should be able to work more on this in the coming weeks.

The goal now is to take part in a century charity ride on May 15. It is the local Ride for Missing and Exploited Children. It is a great ride for a great cause and definitely my favorite. I hope to get some good training rides in until then and hopefully, I will not have to use the SAG wagon for any of this ride.

I hope all is well with all the HipRunners out there.

Stay Strong

Bob… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Oh Advil, I forgot how amazing you truly are….

Hi all!  I am 8 weeks post THR and feel like I have really turned a corner.  They’re not joking when they say ‘you’ll feel much better at 6 weeks’ — It was literally 6 weeks on the dot and I woke up feeling considerably better.

My overall pain is WAY down, bruising is gone, swelling is subsiding and PT is moving along really well — Just focusing on correcting all the bad alignments/compensation issues that plagued me for years before the surgery — it’s amazing how many muscles are super-tight, over worked and out of whack!  Now it’s time to whip all those into shape.

I’ve been increasing my cardio activity and strength training and can now easily do 25 minutes on the bike at a pretty good clip.  I walked yesterday for a full hour solid without stopping — My leg is a little swollen today but I didn’t feel like I needed to stop during the walk so that’s huge!

My favorite milestone is I get to take Advil again!  My doc didn’t want any ibuprofen for the first 8 weeks to minimize anything interfering with bone growth.  I had given up the tylenol almost two weeks ago as it really did nothing.

My pain hadn’t been too bad and it’s not like I felt like I couldn’t function without medication, but I wanted to kick this last bout of pain to the curb and also really focus on getting rid of the swelling and inflammation.  Yesterday after my walk I took my first advil in 2 months and I was literally in awe at truly how amazing it works at targeting joint pain and stiffness.  You forget how well something so simple works.

Now, I am focusing on getting my cardio back up each and every day and working on strength moves.  Can’t wait to see how good I’ll feel at my 3 – month checkup in another 4 weeks!   Cheers all!!!!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Home at last..

Hi everyone! Had my THR on Friday, I actually did it..my surgeon called to let me know that i had worn out all cartilage and
actually was bone on bone
flattening the ball completely, which was definitely some
validation for my decision to do this at 34 yrs old…was feeling okay until the pain meds made me dizzy and neasous every time I would get up..needless to say I was not taking very many steps and vomiting as well…this was my one and only setback..had them take me off the pain meds since I have NO PAIN, and am super proud to
announce that I am only on extra strength Tylenol! 🙂 although I was going to be released Sunday, I needed to stay until Tuesday.. I am happy there is no pain, just getting a little frustrated with the loss of independence and a little stressed about what not to do with my operative leg..being cautious, so much that I may be losing a little sleep over it to be honest..realizing now that the hardest part is not actually going through with the surgery, but more the recovery..you only get out what you put in..I want to thank you all for sharing your
experiences and I hope you are all well! 🙂 Bernadette … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Swearing by the Hoka


Sometimes I have dreams where I am running effortlessly on a trail that seems very familiar – but never is.  I love these dreams because in them, I am gliding and enjoying the run more than I am feeling the pain of the workout.    In these days of naked running and stripped down shoes, HOKA ONE ONE offers an alternative – the ultra cushioned running shoe.  Even though they are built up, they have a surprisingly light weight.  Many of my SDP Teammates have started wearing this shoe to work out in.  Being a “Brooks” guy for so long, I was initially hesitant, but I finally broke down and bought some of these.  My teammates prefer the Hoka One One Clifton model. I on the other hand prefer the discount.  So I went with these Hoka One One’s Rapa Nui’s instead.

Today, I ran Fruit Hill in my new Hoka One One Rapa Nui 2’s.  All I can say is “WOW!”.  I was living my dream.  Fruit Hill is the name of a road that leads up a hill to Arbor Crest Wine Cellars in the Spokane Valley.  At the top, the winery offers panoramic views of the entire Spokane Valley.  From the start of this at the Spokane Valley YMCA to the top and then back, the run is 7 miles.  The .8 mile long hill is in the middle of this run.  Running in my Hokas, I decided to push the pace a bit.  I don’t think I can clearly articulate how well these shoes absorbed the impact during this run.  Instead of feeling the pain of the jarring steps, I was able to push my limits and feel the pain in my chest and core instead.  I have been keeping track of my runs on Strava for the last 2 years.   During that time, I have run this route 12 times.  Today was my fastest logged time.  Wow.  Bad knee, bad hip, but still a PR.  I am crediting the Hokas.  If you haven’t tried them, I strongly encourage you to do so.  They are pillows … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

THR is tomorrow..

made my “tentative” surgery date, which is tomorrow, back in November at HSS…time flies! I am super nervous and want to run away from this, but can’t walk or run at this point! I know this is my only option to a better life and to the me I want to be again…Just wanted to thank you all for sharing your stories and commenting on my last post and giving me optimism and strength..Here goes..
Bernadette … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Bob S. A bit about me since I’m new here.

On Tuesday, March 3,1 I will be 8 weeks post THR surgery. Everything is going along pretty well. I am getting back to normal and hope to be outdoors running and biking very soon.  (I did get a bike ride done yesterday, but it is still pretty cold here in upstate NY, so I cut it a bit short)

My journey started in the winter of 2014 when the hip pain after running got progressively worse. X-rays did show arthritis, but I took a wrong turn when my doctor described it a moderate. After some PT that was going nowhere, I talked with an orthopedic surgeon who told me quite bluntly, Of course you are in pain, you are bone on bone and a good candidate for a hip replacement.

After some more time waiting for doctor appointments, a friend told me about a seminar to be given by a new local orthopedic surgeon who used the anterior technique. This technique intrigued me being somewhat less invasive and having a quicker recovery. I went to the seminar and was impressed. I got an appointment with the surgeon and she told me I should do very well being fit and healthy. On February 2, I had it done.

The first week of recovery was a bit tough, but keeping up with the basic recovery exercises and doing some walking around the house, my recovery progressed well. I threw the walker and crutches away after the first week, was driving and back to work in week three and by my 6 week checkup, I was free to do just about anything, no restrictions.

We have a small workout room here at work. I ride a stationary bike 2 or 3 times a day and do some other small things to get the hip strength back. Right now I am looking forward to some warmer weather to get some longer bike rides in. I’m glad I found this site to see there are so many people out there who are running after having a THR. I was getting a bit down reading all … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

DonnaC, new member, about me

I’m very happy to have stumbled upon this site! I am having THR on April 14th, and the prospect of it is nervewracking, to say the least.  Efforts to avoid this have been going on for over three years.  One year ago I had stem cell therapy, which clearly did not work.  It was pretty invasive and painful, and the doctor followed up at month one and then never again, despite my calling the office 4 times.  I began running in 2006 at 40 because my son was a cross country runner and it looked fun.  Flash forward to today, a single half-marathon under my belt and lots of 5k and 10ks, with marathon hopes dashed (or so i thought?).  I am the local high school cross country and distance track coach (the older son is now a junior in college and the younger is a junior at the high school, a pretty decent pole vaulter with a recently severed ACL).  The past 7 months or so, once I began adding running mileage to my weekly workouts, have become more and more painful.  I have run about 5 times since Christmas, most recently a dismal 1.7 slow miles with my 4×8 relay team on a Central Park practice run before Indoor Nationals.  I skipped this past weekend’s 10k–it’s hard to walk at all at this point.  So the doldrums had set in when i did a google search about running after THR, which the docs have all said is a foolish idea, but I found you!  I will continue to read and follow you all as I rehab, and will hopefully post my first run as soon as possible! For now, thank you for being here! It’s a huge comfort!

Here are “my” boys, who finished 13th in the Championship division of the 4×8 in 7:57.78 at New Balance Indoor Track and Field Nationals on March 14, 2015.



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OK. I bit the bullet and got a hip replacement this month at 68 years old. I want to run 12 to 15 miles weekly for another 20 years. My doctor recommends I don’t run, but gave me a metal on plastic hip to reduce the chance of fracture, since he knows I will run some. The testimonials on hiprunner are very encouraging. However, there is very little on how long the hip replacement will last-10, 15, 20 years-for a moderate amount of running. Does anyone have experience or data? How long until I can start rehab on an elliptical walker or with weights, then start running?

lifelongrunner… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Thank you everyone for the feedback and encouragement!

Hi all!  Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you so much for the posts/feedback and messages about my progress at the 6-week mark — It’s great to hear from others that things will get better.  I guess I had some kind of notion that at 6 weeks I would be pretty darn close to perfect and I know that’s not realistic.  😉

I am excited to see how the next 6 weeks of healing go and my body is able to do more and more.  Thanks again!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Waiting Game….



In my last post I indicated that the MRI for my knee and hip on my right (non-THR) side was finally coming.  That was because on the day I made the post I received word that the MRI was approved and I would eventually be hearing from someone to schedule the MRI.  I got anxious after a few days and finally called them.  They had the order in their system…FINALLY!  Then I learned that the order was only an MRI  for the hip and did not include the knee.  HALT!

I didn’t want the hip to be looked at without the knee, because I really think there is more of an issue with the knee then my doctors think.  So I cancelled the order and called my doctor back asking to get the knee included.  So the waiting process began again.  Ugh.  After a long week of delay, I finally got a new date for my MRI – April 2nd.  So I have waited one whole month since my first appointment to get to this step.  I sincerely hoped I could get it done before all of the summer fun starts…..now I may wait.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, I have stepped up my running again.  Bloomsday is coming.  I am heavily involved with that run.  I coordinate the 2nd Seeded runners for that race.  How can I not run it….as a second seeder?   So despite the knee aggravation I have bumped my weekly mileage into the 30’s and 40’s.  The knee still aches, but i am starting to feel stronger.  Sometimes the THR side hurts, but the pain comes more from piriformis pain than from the hip.  I am sure that I am overcompensating with my THR side due to the soreness of the right knee.  It’s ironic that my THR side would be carrying me through my runs these days.  But that is me.  An optimistic runner.  Not just a runner….a Hip Runner.

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6 Weeks Post THR update

Hi all!  Today is my 6 week mark.  I am happy with how things are going — I have to admit I am stunned when I read some posts about people doing ‘all activities’ at this point or running not too far from now…Wow!  I guess everyone recovers at different paces and I’m trying hard not to be too jealous.  🙂

PT is going well but I’ve been struggling a bit with a strained hip flexor which has made it hard to do some of the strengthening exercises but patience, patience, patience.   I can walk pretty easily at least mile or so without stopping for a break.

I’m just really stiff most of all — The hip was always tight even before the surgery b/c of years of struggles with the dysplasia.  Question for the group  — for those that had a long-term battle with muscle pain/tightness b/c of either dysplasia or over compensation — Have you also experienced challenges with getting your muscles to try and ‘relax’ and get used to your new, properly aligned hip?

The hip itself doesn’t really seem to hurt at all, it’s just all the muscles that were so tight before are battling to figure out this new configuration.  Would appreciate any feedback/tips.

Thanks all!

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Which surgery to pick?

Hi guys,

My right hip is degenerating and the pain is getting worse every week.  I was diagnosed 7 years ago at age 30 with dysplastic hips and got both labrums repaired by Dr. Kelly from HSS.  Because of the arthritis, Dr. Kelly is recommending I get a hip resurfacing by Dr. Suh to avoid the THR due to my age and activity level.  I frequently run, lift weights, swim, crossfit, and bang hard.  Would anyone recommend a doctor in NJ or NYC area for a 2nd opinion?  I’m nervous the hip resurfacing won’t fix the stability of the dysplastic hip and I’ll need a THR too soon.  The hip resurfacing is supposed to last 15 to 20 yrs.  Please email me any experience shares or ideas @ finaldid@hotmail.com.  Feedback or advice is welcome!

Damon… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

32 days

Post THR.  This morning I woke up for the first time and felt I didn’t need any pain meds at all — Not even the Tylenol.  I took a dose before I went to bed and had been taking a dose upon waking to kick the overnight pain out.  Today, a little creaky and stiff, but not real pain and not enough to want meds.

I know it’s a tiny milestone but I’ll take it!  I backed a bit off on my activity; think I was doing too much (even though it felt like barely anything to me) and it has made a world of difference.  Going to the gym in the morning and just doing my PT exercises, some light upper body work and some stretching.  Limiting my stairs/walking a bit as I had a lot of pain/tightness in the front of my hip and that has gone way down.  Will try and increase again maybe in a few days.

Happy Monday everyone!  🙂

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Counting down the days..

Hi all. I have been following this site for quite some time. I am a 34 year old mother of 5 year old twins and was born with hip dysplasia. I have advanced
osteoarthritis & no more cartilage left in my left hip..I developed a love for running around 30 and miss it so much! I’ve always had pain and knew i was pushing when i would run, but the rush of feeling so alive is what kept me at it. My THR surgery is scheduled for April 3rd at HSS..I’m pretty nervous & hope this is not something i say “what did I get myself into?”, but desperatley want to be someone who says “why did i wait so long?!”…I need to get out of this rut that’s not quite living to me. The pain and inability to do pretty much everything has made me someone I don’t even like. I am trying to get myself into the right mind set for the road ahead and have my THR Tough shirt already!;) Any words of advice? … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)