4 months post THR and gave the hip a real workout!

Hi all!  So last week was my 4 month mark for my THR.  I’ve been doing a lot of walking/cycling/exercising but wanted to really take it for a test spin.   Earlier this week I was up in Oregon with my sister and we decided to do some hiking along the PCT near Mt. Hood.  We hiked about 2 1/2 hours through some pretty tough up and down inclines and varied terrain.  Happy to report hip made it with flying colors — Even after already spending 3 days prior heavily walking around Seattle and working at the Rock N Roll marathon with one of the charities involved.

Super tempted to try running now but I have a big international trip coming up in about 6 weeks and don’t want to risk not being able to walk everywhere, so will hold off on trying to get back into running until after I’m back in San Diego.

For the new Hip Runners out there — it does get better!!!!

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Bloomsday Mail


It is “pat-on-the-back day” today so indulge me for a moment.  I received this little item in the mail over the weekend.  10th in my age group in Bloomsday 2015……on a bad knee.  That’s not so bad. Right?  It is funny…I am looking at my collection of these medals.  Prior to 2011, I hadn’t ever been in the running for an age group medal.  Not even when I was racing collegiately.  Then in 2010 I joined the SDP (Spokane Distance Project) and other than my hip replacement year (2012) I have achieved GREATNESS each year.  Greatness of course is a relative thing, but honestly, I couldn’t be more pleased.  I knew I’d get back to running, but running at this level?  I wasn’t so sure.  It is true, perseverance does pay off. Staying in shape, staying optimistic and outlasting others has its positives.  This is one of them.


So the plan on the knee is as follows:  First….I MUST play in Hoopfest.  Hoopfest is the world’s largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament that has been going on in Spokane since 1990.  I have never missed it.  Not even during the year of my hip replacement.  Hoopfest takes place at the end of June.  Then on July 16th  I get my right knee scoped.

Hopefully, the recovery time won’t take too long because in October I will be running the Spokane Half Marathon with fellow long time Hip Runner Dave Whiteside.  One of my goals for this year was to plan a race for Hip Runner where we could all meet and enjoy a good run.  Dave has taken me up on this one.  Are there any other takers?  There is still time….Otherwise, please consider the 40th running of Bloomsday in 2016.  It would be awesome to have a large Hiprunner presence at this awesome event.

Hip Runner is growing.  As of right now, we are 3 people away from having 300 members.  So come on people!  Get-Those-Hips-Replaced!  🙂


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Alice- new to the site

Alice- I was 32 when I had my first hip replaced and 38 when I had my other hip replaced. It changed my life completely. I have been able to be as active as I want to be. I play volleyball, strength train, Dance class, yoga, cross fit and kickboxing without any pain and only minimal flexibility issues. I enjoy running but I try to limit my runs to once a week only 4-5 miles at a time and have not participated in any marathons out of concern that it may cause too much wear and tear on my hips, but I really love running most of all. There is nothing like that runners high and there is no swimmers high or bikers high last I checked. I’m coming on 10 years since my 1st hip was replaced.  I was wondering if anyone out there has underwent a revision yet or had their cup replaced due to excessive wear and tear from running?… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

New hip feels great

Hi all

Joe here

At 48 I started getting hip pain after running, I was getting physio for a groin strain, after 10 sessions of physio I decided to get a 2nd opinion, after 1 session with a new physio he advised me to go for an MRI, the results of MRI was OA in both hips, I was devastated, I decided to go to a top consultant here in Ireland (Prof Kevin Mulhall) Who told me I needed a left hip replacement but also was worried about my age, I thought about for 10 months and decided to go on waiting list in Oct 2014. I finally got my op date 26th May 15, I’m now 2 weeks over op. New hip felt great as soon as it touched the ground on the 2nd day. My physio started on day 3 the day I was let go home. I’m 2 weeks now doing physio 3 times daily plus my lunchtime walk which I increase daily. I had my staples removed today. All going well Joe 🙂… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

THR details for runners


I had a THR on my right hip at age 61 in Jan 2015, at the Miriam hospital in RI. The procedure was the direct anterior approach, and the implant was a dePuy Tri-lock ( monoblock) with ceramic ball and plastic liner in the acetabular socket. I had originally asked for the Omni Arc (modular)  neck- conserving implant with ceramic on ceramic bearing surfaces, but  modular implants are now facing issues related to fretting –corrosion and the surgeon would not use  a ceramic –ceramic bearing pair on anyone older than 35 yrs old.  I used to run long distance until age 58, when the arthritic pain become unbearable when running.

I was walking without a cane after 1 week and returned to work ( desk job) at that time, with no formal PT. I was off the 2-aspirin a day ( for avoidance of blood clots) after 1 month, and only needed the oxycontin pain meds for the first 3 days following surgery.
Bicycling , walking and use of the elliptical at the gym are my current leg exercises, and I can also jog on the treadmill. I will likely begin jogging on dirt roadways (“ barefoot” ?) next year, but such jogging will supposedly accelerate the fatigue wear of the plastic acetabular liner. Looking back, the better choice for future running would have been a monoblock short stem ( neck conserving) implant with ceramic on ceramic bearings , and I should not have had the operation at a teaching hospital . Oh well. Maybe after the next reincarnation.
Regarding running after a THR, my understanding of the factors that can minimize the damage to the bone and the liner are:
-“barefoot” running on dirt tracks has lower shock loading than using cushioned running shoes on pavement
-the neck conserving implants provide better load distribution to the femur
-plastic acetabular liners have a long erosive wear life but are limited in their fatigue life, and fatigue life is exponentially reduced if you are overweight or impose shock loads , as with jogging. The current use of vitamin E within … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Prior to surgery, what kind of helpful prep tips can anyone share?

Hello everyone,

I am scheduled to have surgery at the end of the summer. There are lots of things I have to get in order to make my home safe and well THR post as possible. As I was reading through posts, one person mentioned to have all prescriptions filled even before surgery. That made me think, what other helpful hints can be shared from those who are post- surgery for someone who is pre-surgery. Thank you to everyone… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

UpDate – 17 Weeks Post Surgery

Here is a little update with my progress since surgery.

I got the chance to ride in my favorite charity bike ride 3 weeks ago. It is the Ride for Missing And Exploited Children here in Rochester. It brings awareness to kids and adults concerning the dangers out there to children in this modern world. It is a century ride and this was my 10th year participating. When I mentioned to a few people, especially my PT, that I was planning on riding this century ride, I got many raised eyebrows and questions whether this was a good thing to do. I did not understand the concerns. I was progressing well and I know this ride. I trained for it. Riding is good for the body.

I am happy to say I rode the whole distance and my new hip handled it perfectly. I had a few other body parts that were in distress at the end, but my new hip was not one of them.  I was a great day and a great ride.

Right after the ride, I caught a nasty cold, more like bronchitis, and had to cut back on activities for a bit. I had wanted to try some running, but the cold held me back.

But this week , I got back out there. I did not run far, or fast, and it was a walk-run routine, but I did run. It felt great to have that running motion again. I hope to progress slowly, upping my distance and shortening the walk portions.

Progress is there. It all feels good and as long as I can be a bit patient and not do anything too stupid, I feel I will be fine. It is just a great feeling to know I can run, no matter what all the naysayers say.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Laura- My story and thank you

Hi everyone.
I want all of you to know what a relief it is to find this group. I am a very active 48 yrs young and love to run, bike, swim, ski, etc… Ten years ago I was racing snow boards and took out my knee. I found a really great surgeon who worked with me and did a tibial osteotomy. It went great and a year later I was back to racing. That summer I fell in love with trail running. I couldn’t get enough. Fast forward to two years ago. I had a fall and I just wasn’t bouncing back the way I should have. I finally went in and I was told that my hip was shot. My only option was a THR. My surgeon told me don’t worry you will be able to do anything you want to even snowboard after the surgery with one exception. You can’t run ever again. I felt like I was punched in the stomach. People who don’t run just don’t get it. They cannot understand why I want to run so badly. It’s just a part of who I am. I am to the point that I am in pain all the time and limp. That’s embarrassing. I had just about given up hope. Now I am ready to get the surgery done, hopefully in Jan (because of my crazy schedule) and I am actually excited. A big heartfelt thank you again to everyone for sharing!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

50 for 50

Following Dave W’s performance from a few weeks ago, I decided to up my mileage for the week to match my new age – 50.  Yesterday I put in a 9.7 miler to reach 51.1 miles.  This was the first time I have surpassed the 50 mile mark since before my Hoopfest knee injury last year.

It has been almost 3 and a half years since I had my hip replaced.  I knew from the moment I decided to get it done that I would be back running.  Running to me is like breathing.  It keeps me healthy both physically and mentally.  I think that is the point that some docs just don’t get.  For them it is all about “their” hip that “they” implanted inside you.  “They” don’t want “their” hip to fail.  “They” don’t want to deal with the possible liability if “their” hip fails.  So they say….”Don’t ever run again!”.   It is a safe recommendation for them.  My doc wasn’t like that (thankfully).  He wasn’t super encouraging about me getting back to running, but he wasn’t super discouraging either.  He understood what running meant and did for me.  Rather than worry about “his” hip that “he” placed inside me, he let me take “my” hip and ……. run with it.  As I am sure you have all read, he told me that I would become my own experiment….and I was happy to do just that.

Reading new posts on this blog takes me back to those early days.  I was determined to get back to the active life that I had prior to the new hip.  I made mistakes because I often pushed too hard too soon.  But I learned from them.  I learned from my hip how far I could push it.  I stayed optimistic.  Rarely did I ever become discouraged and NEVER did I EVER want to throw in the towel.  Sometimes, there is no replacement for time.  It just takes time for the hip to come around and feel normal again.  For me and my competitive running…..that wasn’t until about 18 months……A year … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

12 Day Post Op

I had a THR on my left hip May 18th. Home the same day! Hardest part was the 18 steps up to the bedroom. Progressed to the cane the morning of May 20th, and was feeling pretty cocky. Steadily increased my walking from .25 to 1 mile over 6 days (the PT exercises leave much t be desired) and felt much better than I had expected. I returned to work on May 26, an hour commute each way. I am a studio photographer, and made modifications to the studio and set to minimize time spent on my feet. I felt GREAT! Until about 4:45. By the time I got home, I had significant pain when weight bearing. Seems I had logged 1.5 miles in a 10.5 hour day. Weds and Thurs I worked half days and broke out the walker again (which helps significantly but I feel like I am backtracking). Worked from home Fri and now, on Sat, am still experiencing elevated pain. Taking Tramadol 2x during the day, and Oxycodone 1x at bedtime. Surgeon’s office says increased pain in the second week of recovery is common, and I may have overdone it at work. Told to apply ice. Anyone experience a backslide a week into recovery?

A bit of advice for those getting ready for surgery. Fill you prescriptions for narcotics at the hospital pharmacy. We tried to fill the script at our local pharmacy, and had call around to find a pharmacy that was able to fill it, it took 2 hours. I did not think filling the script would be a problem, but of course it makes perfect sense with the abuse issues.


Really glad I found this site! It was instrumental in deciding to proceed with my surgery!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Negativity from other (non runners)

I was wondering if any other are suffering the same type of negativity from others (friends and members of family) in regards to running on THR…my name is Eileen and am grateful that I found the site a couple of weeks ago…I have only just turned 50 and initially had a Birmingham hip replacement 6 years ago which failed and resulted in surgery to THR 18 months ago…I have done a no of marathons on the Birmingham but have only just returned to racing again 12months ago…My life revolves around my running and could not imagine living with out it…I cross train as much as possible with yoga, and bike classes…but cannot give up my runs…I have just completed the “wings for world life run” in Melbourne and came first in my age group ….the non runners I imagine you all understand how I am feeling and of course it does worry me that the hip will possibly fail and another revision surgery will have to be done but life is too short ….and I feel that this is the only thing that makes me so happy…good luck to you all …this aussie girl is with you….(wouldn’t it be great if we could all get together on a run  🙂… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Hip Brother Tom’s turning 50!

When he sees that I have hacked into his blog, he will probably take this post down, but hopefully not before many of you see it.

Tom is turning 50 on Wednesday and I know this blog and his dedication to running has had a positive impact on so many people that I thought it would be nice, on this big milestone birthday,  if any of you could take the time to let him know what his efforts have done for your recovery and your life.

I know it would mean a lot to him.

And yes…he really is as positive and energetic in real life as he sounds in his blogs. He never stops and I love him!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Adding on the miles….walking, but happy!

Hi all!  I am 13 weeks post THR and happy to report I’ve been able to increase my training/walking/strength work each week.  The knee/IT band pain I have had is now subsiding and almost gone as my leg gets used to the new orientation in the hip.

Yesterday I took the new hip out for a good test — did the annual Coronado Bay Bridge Run/Walk where you get to actually go over the bridge (never open to pedestrians!) — It is a great opportunity to get a truly magical view of San Diego and have done it once before, years ago when I ran it.

This year was a walking year but super happy to report that I did around 6 miles yesterday with no problems!  Walk itself was 4 miles then did some walking both before and after.

I remain impressed with everyone’s running stories and am feeling the urge!  Not quite there yet and haven’t actually decided if I want to go back into it or not, but I feel the strength and stability in my hip increasing each day and it’s super encouraging.

Happy Monday all!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

From Scott – Intro

Thanks for adding me.  I am 63.  2X IronMan. USAT L1 and USMS L2 coach.  Just had a THR left side on May 6, 2015, due to AVN that surfaced during my second IM training in 2013.

I’m looking for any and all input on rehab so I can return to triathlon.  I’ve found people who ride thousands of miles a year and do triathlons, including up to IM distance on new hips.  I am hopeful.

Again, thanks.  Glad to be here among people who understand.

Scott Richardson

Normal, Ill.


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