Gregg- About Me

I am 42 years old and just had my left hip replaced 2 weeks ago. I am an ultra runner it definitely concerns me when I think about my running future. Everything that you read tells you NOT to run after a hip replacement and just about every Ortho Doc will say the same. My doc knows my plans about running and is willing to work with me and have me running again.

I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis in my left hip back in Nov (about 7 months ago) but it has been bothering me for the last year. It has gradually gotten worse and went from stage 1 to stage 4 quickly. I had been running on it up until about 7 weeks ago, that’s when the pain got too great and I couldn’t even walk without limping. It had started its collapse. During surgery a few weeks ago the doc took a pic of my femoral head and it had a flat spot on the top, had black spots where the bone had “died” and all of the cartilage was gone around the femoral head.

I am now 2 weeks post-op and I am feeling better by the day. I had my 2 week checkup today and dr said I was doing “freakin’ awesome”. 🙂

This past wknd I was having cabin fever really bad and I had my girlfriend take me to the local high school track. My plan was to walk one lap or 1/4 with my walker. I finished the lap! It took me 18 mins but I didn’t care. I felt like an athlete again.

Doc said I might be off walker in another week and go to a cane. Boy I hope so. Physical therapist comes to my house 3x a week and after this week I will be going to PT at the local hospital where I work.

I am excited to be a part of the hiprunners club! I fully intend to resume my running after the dr releases me too. Oh yea, I got a ceramic on polyethylene hip. … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)