Dave – A new milestone – 200 miles of running in 7 days

I can’t believe I’ve just ran 200 miles in the last 7 days and also walked 15 miles on top of that. A friend of mine ran that distance 2 weeks ago he said why don’t I do it, I thought about it and said no way, the maximum I thought I could ever do was 140. I didn’t think any more of it as a weekly goal but knew last week I had planned to run a lot of miles to finish the #GVRAT (The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee) before I go on vacation May 30th. Every time I thought about finishing in that time I kind of dismissed it, I knew it meant running a marathon a day for 2 weeks and some longer runs on top of it. As this weekend (Fri-Mon) came around I set myself an ambitious goal of 31, 42, 42 & 31 miles which would leave 3 more marathons for me to finish the 635 miles in 28 days on May 28th, and hopefully a Top 100 finish (out of 19,000+). Yesterday when I was running I knew back to back 42’s was going to be really tough both mentally and physically, so I decided to run 50 miles yesterday so it would only require me to run 34 today, so much easier. My usual weekly mileage is around 45 miles, but during this pandemic it’s been higher around 70 miles. Last week was a new high for me with 108 after the previous weeks 92. It was only yesterday when I looked at Strava that I realized if I ran the 84 miles it would bring me to exactly 200 miles, kind of weird that it worked out that way. Fingers crossed the next 4 days will go to plan and I can finish this race without injury and then enjoy a 9 day break from running. This race has been fun but pushed me way outside my comfort zone, and this heat and humidity is no fun, but at a 10:02 pace it’s been an amazing journey. 105.76 … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Looking for some advice

Hi All, I’ve been waiting to get my TRHR, and this week it looks like the surgery will finally be done at Maine Medical Center in Portland next month.  My surgeon has told me that he will be using a Zimmer fiber metal taper femoral stem, trabecular metal cap, and ceramic Brolox head.  I’ve been an avid runner for over 30 years.  Running brings me such joy that I plan to continue my running post-surgery.  I would appreciate any experience you can share about the Zimmer products he plans to use and how you got back to running post-surgery.  Thanks for including me in the group.  Regards, Scott

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Fearful to return to running

I am one year post THR. I’ve tried running a mile or so every  4 or 5 days with success!  No pains or issues. I made the mistake of mentioning to my doctor, a normal orthopedist who deals with people who are overweight, inactive, and a lot older than I, that I ran a mile. He cringed and said that I will never run again. I’m 52, a past Multiple marathon runner with multiple, multiple 5 k, 10 K, and half marathons? Is there any reason why my doctor so against me running.? I’ve been following this website so I’m confused as to what the issue really is. Maybe someone I can contact and discuss this with other than my doctor. Any input would be appreciated.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Listen to your body

I had my left hip replaced due to severe arthritis in dec ‘17. I got back to running pretty quickly and felt great. I started training this year for pikes peak ascent, running >40 miles a week. I was getting in good shape, able to run >10 miles at a sub 7 pace.

After a long hard run, my right hip started to have similar pain. I kept running, and the pain just kept getting worse. My distance and times were declining with each run.

Doc said arthritis in right hip was only mildly worse than 18months prior. I tried several treatments without success. Doc couldn’t explain it, and after about 2 months, I opted for a THR.

During the surgery, they found two large lesions on the femural head, which didn’t show up on imaging.

I am 8 days Post op and feeling much better. Ralking (run/walk) more than 3 miles now, getting stronger each day with two good hips.

My body knew something wasn’t right and not getting better, I just needed to listen and trust it.

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Running Shoe Recommendations

Hello everyone

I had Right THR in December 2019 and Left THR in March 2020 so I am now at Week 7 following my 2nd operation and progressing well, now walking 7km daily.
I was a lifelong runner but stopped in January 2017 to try and preserve my hips. Latterly I used Brooks Glycerin for running, normally in triathlons.
I weigh 93kg

I would be grateful for any advice on new running shoes as I aim to start jogging, possibly in 2-3 weeks with the aim of running 5-10km a couple of times each week

Thank you in anticipation

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Fellow hippie running NYC Marathon for Charity

Hi everyone,

I hope this is ok to post here.  I had a left THR anterior February 2019.  I was scheduled to run DC marathon but it was cancelled.  I decided to run NYC and the only way to get in was charity.  I picked a great group that provides camps for seriously ill kids and their families.  This will be my first full marathon!!!!

Please consider making a donation.  Thank you- David Scott (btw, i’m the guy wearing the hip runner shirt on the picture on the home page-I’m on the right!


Or facebook if you prefer.  Thank you so much!


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Hi Everyone,

My name is Marc age 43 and I had a THR on my left side late December 2019. It was ceramic on ceramic.

I have been very active throughout my life , playing football (soccer) at a fairly high level back here in the UK. I finished in my early thirties. A couple of years passed where I ,lets say, over indulged a little! My youngest Daughter is a sufferer of Cystic Fibrosis so wanted to raise some money for the charity. The London Marathon was a perfect way to do that. This was to be start of my running love affair. It progressed very quickly to ultra running and since that marathon in 2013 , have run some of the best mountain races in Europe , UTMB(twice) , Transvulcania(twice) , Mont Blanc 90km , Laverado(twice) ,Ultra Pirinieu and numerous races here in the UK. Over this period from 2016 my left hip started to get worse and worse and I finally got round to admitting defeat so seeked some medical advice after not finishing 2 races in Italy and France last year. The result being the THR obviously!

When running became hard last year I took up cycling which I love. Post operation , I have continued to cycle a ton and still loving getting out there but I’m starting to miss trail running a lot. I have been getting loads of encouragement listening to all of your posts on here and have found you all to be truly amazing!! I never thought that I could back to mountain ultras but now feel that the door is slightly open. I am currently introducing walking and jogging a bit on the treadmill at home and enjoying that so fingers crossed and will take one day at a time.

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HipRunner survey results: strong satisfaction for would-be runners in having Total Hip Replacement

Hey Folks,

I think the numbers are at 222 respondents to the survey that you see pop up on your right-hand bottom corner of your screen from time-to-time. I gleaned from 219 surveys the data that points to very satisfied runners or would-be runners after having Total Hip Replacement.

If you know of anyone who has had THR and hasn’t visited this site or hasn’t filled out the survey, we could use more data from longer-term patients, the survey averages 2.3 years from surgery to survey, which gives us very useful information on the latest materials, and demographics et al, but we would also like to go deeper. Something like 300,000 Americans per year have the surgery. So that would be about 25,000 in Canada, perhaps 80-100,000 in the UK, 20-25,000 in Australia and New Zealand – you get the picture. Our 219 is a good sample size, but more is always better.

Here are the results, just published: https://athleticsillustrated.com/total-hip-replacement-surgery-results-in-high-satisfaction-for-would-be-runners/

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First Ever HipRunner Group Run – Please Join Us!

You don’t have to be fast.  I just want to bring the HipRunner’s together to run FOR THE FIRST TIME AS A GROUP in Christopher Kelsall’s “Global One-Hour Race”.  Let’s do this people!

Here are the details….

Hey Folks,

The Global One-hour Virtual Race window opens tomorrow, Friday, May 1 and closes Sunday, May 17.  For team name, enter “The Hip Runners”.

Race for 60-minutes (fulfill that unforgiving hour with 60 minutes run) and submit your time via Strava or similar app. Proceeds go to the Mustard Seed Food Bank.

$5 to race. Results published at Athletics Illustrated.

https://athleticsillustrated.com/category/global-60-vrace/(Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Dave – Wow what a 60th birthday celebration – running for others

Wow what a day, one I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life. For my 60th birthday I decided to raise money to feed families in need with a great organization called FeedingTampaBay.org. I was originally going to run the Big Sur marathon which has been on my bucket list for some time. When that got cancelled I came up with this crazy idea to run 60 miles crossing over Belleair Bridge 80 times to help feed families in our community during these difficult times. I haven’t done any fundraising before so I’m not sure where this came from, maybe the seed was planted by my good friend Leo doing so many charitable events. As the day grew closer, the thoughts of Big Sur and Yosemite had become a distant memory, replaced with something much bigger and more rewarding.
I trained harder for this run than any race I’ve ever done, I didn’t want to let people down and wanted to make sure I could finish the challenge to thank everyone that contributed to my fundraiser. So many people donated and shared my posts, and then their friends also donated. My original goal of $2,500 was quickly met so I increased it to $5,000, and when that was met they suggested I increase it to $6,000, it made sense, 60 / 60 / $6,000. I was also lucky to have my run covered by 2 local news stations, NBC CH8 and CBS CH10 to help get the word out.
I met Ray at the bottom of the bridge and we started the run at 3am, luckily the weather was kind to us, it was dry and a nice breeze. We started at a slow pace and had the bridge to ourselves for a couple of hours. Dave and Jeff came out and joined us sometime around 6:30 and would alternate running over the bridge with me, Darin is injured but also stopped by on his bike and Beth also came out a little later. Ray’s wife Robin also stopped by several times during the run as she
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One week to go! – Global One-hour Virtual Race – join the HipRunner team

One week to go before the window opens on the Global One-hour Virtual Race. There is a teams category, the first team member was Tom Fuchs, he just needs four more.

But, yes, you still just run or move the best way you can for your own result. Any time from Friday, May 1 to Sunday, May 17 run one hour and provide proof of your effort. Results will be posted at Athletics Illustrated.

$5 suggested donation for registration.

https://athleticsillustrated.com/the-global-one-hour-virtual-race/(Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Unsure of what I “should” be experiencing post-op

Hello team – my first post.  My total right hip replacement (anterior) was done on 2/4/20 at age 59.  Overall I truly believe the pre-op/operation/and post-op went really, really well.  My first follow-up with the surgeon and his PA was around 3/6/20 – xrays taken and all looked good.  I’m a yoga instructor – and with the advent of COVID-19 I’ve switched to online/Zoom sessions oftentimes with individuals signing on who are brand new or relatively new to yoga.  Therefore I’ve been compelled to demonstrate more of the poses/postures than I would normally.  My hip still has a lot of limited ROM and I’m modifying the yoga poses to manage this.  However I was curious to see if there are any others out here who have experienced a length of time before ROM returned – how long?  3 months; 6 months; 9 months; a year?  Many thanks.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)


Hello. I am a new member, just joined the other day. I am 61 and live in Minnesota. I broke my right hip a couple years ago and had hip pinning surgery.  The surgery didn’t really work so on 1-6-20 I had  my hip replaced. Prior to breaking my hip I was a runner. Ran quite  a few marathons and halfs and am planning on trying running this summer. I am looking for feedback on shoes. After reading the Allister Mcalpine book which recommends zero drop kind of shoes I was all set to buy  pair of Altras. Then I contacted the owner of my local running shoe store and she recommends cushioned stability shoes like Acsics Gel Kayano. I see that several Hiprunners were Hokas. My PT suggested Hokas as well. Any input from the Hiprunner community would be much appreciated! Thanks.… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

5 Months Post Operation

I am 39 years old and had a LTHR five months ago. I had the anterior approach. My recovery has been great. I do the elliptical, spin, strength train, hip/glute specific exercises daily. My thigh is still numb, but I understand it could be that way for a while.

I have tried running twice. The first time was great. I ran a minute and walked a minute. I did this 4 times. This included a 15 minute warmup and 15 minute cool down. The next time I ran was a week later, after the third interval I had a deep pain in the bottom of my glute. I stopped. It hurt the rest of the day. The next day it was fine. Shew! It was such a deep pain that it has scared me to run again. 😩 But I dearly would love to try again. I have ran 15 marathons and 3 ultras and dearly miss it. I don’t want to run those kind of miles in the future.  I Only want to be able to be able to run a couple miles a few times a month. I miss running on vacation too! This is my hope!


1. Anyone experience this pain?
2. Anyone scared to run on new hip?

3. Recommended shoes? Hokas?

Thanks so much!!

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Dave – Running going really well – 100 mile training week + Fundraiser

I came down with Shingles mid February and wasn’t able to run or do much for 2 weeks. It was very painful, on the right side of my face and in my eye, the headaches were unbearable. Well after that I started running again and felt great, running 62 miles the first week back which was pretty much the first week of the Covid-19 outbreak in Florida. That mileage would usually be what I would be doing leading up to my summer ultras. I was training for Big Sur in April, the day after my 60th birthday but with the news I knew that was doubtful, but I had to keep training just in case. The following week I ran 60 miles and then received the expected news that Big Sur was postponed, along with pretty much every race in the country being postponed or cancelled.

But rather than stopping waiting for races to start up again, I continued to push myself and the following week I ran 70 miles. I think I had only ever ran 70 miles for training one other time. I felt great, running with a couple of friends of mine as I was working from home and not travelling to Miami, it was a little easier. I was also walking 4 miles several days a week. Given my level of fitness and now not having a race around my birthday, I came up with an idea to give back to my community by running on my birthday. I decided to run a mile for each year, so on Saturday April 25th I will be running 60 miles. I decided to make it even harder by doing the entire run on a bridge, running up and over the bridge 80 times, 0.75 mile per crossing with a climb of about 65 feet. The most I had ever done prior to this was a 50K which was 42 bridge climbs, so this would be pretty much double that distance, not an easy task given the heat and humidity that I expect. But I wanted to make it … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Hip Runner Nation Giving Back

Hey all of you HipRunners!  By now all of you have experienced the COVID-19 crisis in one way or another.  For me, it has hit close to home placing a friend, my cousin and my cousin’s husband in the hospital. Thankfully, they should all pull through.  The best advice I can give you is advice that you’ve already heard;  adhere to the shelter in place rules and stay 6 feet apart.  But there is something even more important that I need remind all of you Hip Runners.  THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT TO ALL OF YOU HIP RUNNERS.  You all have bounced back from extremely serious trauma to the hip.  Many of you are back to running and achieving things that you never thought you could.  It can make you feel INVINCIBLE!!

But you are not….

You are not invincible to this virus.  I am not invincible to the virus.  Protect yourselves for the sake of your families.  Protect yourselves for the sake of Hiprunner Nation.  Protect yourselves for the sake of yourselves!

This leads me to my next plea.  We have two Hip Runners who, on their own, are encouraging others to give back.  Their selfless actions are worthy of attention.  We all can help make a difference by joining their efforts to give back!

1 Hour Virtual Run. Hip brother Christopher Kelsall has encouraged all of us to join a virtual one hour race that will be held between May 1st and May 17th.  The race is sponsored by Athletetics Illustrated.  The proceeds benefit a very good cause.  You can find out more about it in his post at this link.   As for me, I fully intend to take part!

60 Mile Fund Raiser Run.   Hip Brother Dave Whiteside is running 60 Miles to raise funds for feeding Tampa Bay during the Covid-19 crisis.  Florida is flat, so to get elevation, he runs bridges……over and over and over again.  You can learn more about his fundraiser through this link.

Both Christopher and David have been instrumental in building this website and encouraging others who post on this site.  … (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

Christopher’s update and a virtual race to tell you about

Been a while since I last posted on this website. I saw that when I first joined Hip Runners that people at first – right after surgery – post often, then slow down.

I have been running – had a good summer – got up to about 45 miles (77K) per week all summer – not a ton, but it was consistent, did have five calf pulls through 2019, which made the consistency a challenge during spring and fall and winter. Trying to grow the mileage again now….up to about 30 miles (50K). The goal all along was to get about eight weeks of 50-miles (80K) then work on speed and form and power on hills et al, ala Arthur Lydiard.

Back at the drawing board, moving the chalk, as we speak.

Meanwhile, we put on the 2020 Pan Am Cross Country Cup here in Victoria. I initiated the event and brought the committee together. We formed a society to manage the committee and legacy, I stepped back a little to be VP of the society and be a part of the communications team of the committee and we ran – and I hate to sound like the POTUS – but it was one of the greatest small-international cross-country meets all-time. The feedback has been tremendous. It happened on Leap Day, Feb. 29. Peru, USA and Canada were the dominant countries!

Now that that is behind us, Athletics Illustrated is putting on the Global One-Hour Virtual Race to be run anytime between and including Friday, May 1 and Sunday, May 17. Send in your Strava or other app and data proving your run and we will compile the results, which will be posted at Athletics Illustrated.

If you want to run for a club and don’t have one, run for Hip Runners!!

Details are all here ($5 suggested donation, first 20 with $30 donation get a cool hat): https://athleticsillustrated.com/the-global-one-hour-virtual-race/

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Conditioning plan

Hi All

Long time since I posted here.  45 years of age with LTHR back in Feb 17.  I’m booked in to get my right done in July but would expect that to be put off under current circumstances.

I still haven’t gone back running yet since surgery for a number of reasons but hoping to kick on now.  Second hip isn’t too bad at the moment so thinking of deferring surgery until summer 2021.

I’ve a young family so at the moment I try to do 30 mins of exercise in the evening when the kids are gone to bed.  I’m currently trying to alternate foam rolling and yoga one night to strength and conditioning the next.  I’ve done the usual clams, donkey kicks, wall squats, etc to build up the strength but just wondering would anyone have any suggestions to really maximise the 30 min window?  Joining a gym isn’t an option but open to the idea of using weights or kettle bells if necessary.

Alternatively am I better to do longer sessions but less frequently?  (3-4 times a week).  I’m hoping I could get back to do some 5ks before getting the right hip done.  At the moment I don’t feel I have the lower body strength that I’d be comfortable running any kind of distance.

Any suggestions much appreciated.






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Continuing On…

I am a regular reader of the HipRunner site but I don’t frequently post.  In a recent comment by Hip Brother Tom, he encouraged posts from not only those who have successfully resumed running but also from those who may not have.  I find myself somewhere in the middle with some success but also challenges.  Mind you, my new hip is now 2 years old and is great.  I was experiencing some discomfort until recently, but through rigorous hip strengthening exercises, I can finally say that it feels like “my own” hip. I did resume light running at about 9 months and completed a half marathon at 1 year.  My new hip performed flawlessly.  During the last year however I have done little running and have worked out almost exclusively on my Zero Runner.  At 66 years old I find myself plagued by newly developed knee discomfort, nagging pain in my old hip, and frequent back pain.  Yes, arthritis flares it’s ugly head.  The lure of running still draws me but the discomfort of running and working out is a constant reminder of my age and underlying conditions.  Am I ready to throw in the towel?  Hell No!  But I do find it is a delicate balance between enough and too much.  It’s particularly hard to work toward longer distance and greater speed.  I’m also not anxious to push until I need additional joints replaced.   So I’ll continue on, doing as much as I can and incorporating as much running as I can without doing additional harm.  And I’ll keep coming to the HipRunner site for inspiration and encouragement.  Thanks again to all who post and be safe out there.

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