7.5 miles at 7.5 weeks post LTHR

Recovery continues to go well (LTHR 12/21/17). Ran 7.5 miles today (2/12/18) at an 8:05 pace, 7 1/2 weeks after getting my hip replaced. No significant pain.

Saturday (2/10/18) ran 6.4 miles at a 7:17 pace, which took a lot out of my legs, but hip felt good.

I continue to augment my running with strength training which I think helps tremendously, along with watching my diet closely.

For anyone considering a THR, its giving me my active life back. Prior to my surgery, I couldn’t run a mile without tremendous pain. I am hopeful I can get back to enjoying road races again.

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      Recovery continues to go well (LTHR 12/21/17). Ran 7.5 miles today (2/12/18) at an 8:05 pace, 7 1/2 weeks after getting my hip replaced. No significan
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      Hey, what materials did you get? And is it cemented or uncemented?

      Nice work.

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      Ti posts, ceramic ball with plastic insert. It’s made by DePuySynthes. No cement. So far working well.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      That is awesome to hear! 7:17’s! Well done!

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      That’s impressive. How fast were you prior to hip replacement? I was a sub-2 hour half-marathoner at 49 years old. Realistically, how close can I get back to that?

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      My best distance was probably half marathon, where I ran 1:26 a couple of times in my mid 30s. I am now almost 46 years old. I haven’t really run for the past 5 years due to my hip, so I feel I have to rebuild the strength in my legs and conditioning. However, with that said, I don’t think this new hip will gate me getting back to that level.

      Yesterday, 2/17/18, less that 8 weeks from surgery, I ran 9.2 miles with almost 1000ft of climbing. My biggest issue was blisters from not running, hip was fine. Quads and calves are sore today, but hip is good.

      I think what has helped me recover quickly was getting in good shape before surgery, losing weight, watching my diet and being hell bent on getting back to my pre-arthritic condition.

      Sky is the limit my friend!

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      Congratulations, you are doing great and have a great success story! Who is the doctor that performed your THR? I am a 40+ year runner and unfortunately I am facing the prospect of a THR myself. Thanks, Greg

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