Question & Zero Runners for Everyone!

Wow.  I have been busy and I have neglected a few individuals on this site.  14 in fact.  I activated 14 new Hip Runners today.  Sorry for the delay on that, but we are happy to have you all as new members.

Question to all of you from Elaine:

One of them, (Elaine) had a good question that I couldn’t answer.  It was a question regarding Hip Runners with cemented hips.  Since my hip implant is not cemented, I couldn’t answer it.   Here is what she asked:  (For those of you who have cemented hips, could you please respond with your own experience?)

I am 57 and have been running since I was 18. I ran mainly 1/2 marathons and 10k with 6 marathons under my belt. I had my hip replaced 3 March 2016. It is a cemented stem with CP. My surgeon told me I could never run again. I was devastated. However, I came across this website and thought if they can still run then so can I. I have started slowly, I followed all the strengthening exercises, walked everywhere building up to 10 mile walks with friends.
At six months bought a cross trainer and then became a member of a gym at 9 months. I attend HIIT classes, do weight training 2 days a week and have built up my muscles using a cycle and walking at the highest incline. At 1 year I ran on the treadmill for the first time. A few minute on and a few mins off. I am now running for 15 mins non stop with the aim to get to 30 mins.
Once I have achieved this I am aiming to run 10k trails eventually as there is less impact on softer surfaces. What I would like to know is there any of you out there who has had a cemented hip as my understanding in-cemented hips are stronger and I am concerned about the damage I may do.
I feel so much happier that I am able to run as I have run most of my life and it has got me through some tough times. But if there are some cemented hip runners out there have you had any problems.

Zero Runners for Everyone

You all know that I have been hyping the benefits of the Zero Runner to everyone on this site, simply because I believe in it.  I mentioned it most recently in My Bloomsday Post when I showed a video about how I was finally able to run hands free.  I have probably logged close to half of my Strava Miles on the Zero Runner.  Well guess what?  The Octane Fitness Folks want to give all of you Hip Runners an opportunity to enjoy the Zero Runner for yourself.    With a MSRP of $4299 for the ZR8 and $3299 for the ZR7, the price can be a little steep.  But here’s a secret if you are interested, i have a code that can save you a bit-o-money.  🙂

Follow these steps to save $600 on the ZR8 or $400 on the ZR7.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Shop Home Zero Runners’
  3. Click on ‘View Product’
  4. Click on ‘Add to Cart’ (Fill out all information that is needed to process)
  5. Enter the coupon code ZR33 to get your discount.

The unit will be delivered by your closest local dealer.

Simple!  Right?

Zero Runners for Everyone! 🙂  Happy summer to all of you.


Here is that video if you want to see it again…Hands Free….it only took me 11 months….

<iframe width=”806″ height=”605″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Wow.  I have been busy and I have neglected a few individuals on this site.  14 in fact.  I activated 14 new Hip Runners today.  Sorry for the delay o
      [See the full post at: Question & Zero Runners for Everyone!]

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      To answer Elaine. I have a cemented left hip and my surgeon (himself a runner) said it was fine to resume running after 8 weeks! Bit of a difference huh?

      My operation was 28th October last year. I’ve been running 10-12 miles a week only so far but ran a 10k road race last weekend and am beginning training for a half marathon in October. I’ve lost my speed but that doesn’t matter to me (well, a bit!) but am very very grateful to be able to run again without pain.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Jenny! Thanks for the feedback!

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      I am 3 months post R THR (non cemented, metal on metal with poly liner). I have started using my Zero Runner that I bought at the Boston Marathon Expo in 2014! It’s a great machine and I have been using it for about 2 weeks. No pain; a little stiffness when I get off, but I am up to 50 minutes. The issue is that I can’t get my heart rate (HR) much higher than 120 on the machine. In my mind, my HR needs to be about 140 for me to consider it “cardio.” What does everyone else think?
      The machine is fantastic, by the way. Measures stride length. I am not yet able to do it well without using the arm levers.
      Best, Elizabeth

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Elizabeth.

      Trust me, it took me nearly 11 months to consider trying hands free. But I am doing it well now. In time I am sure you will be testing the waters yourself. I am glad you like the Zero Runner. It truly has saved me. 🙂 Currently, I crank the tension on both sides all of the way to High. Then I try to work my way down to a 6:30-6:40 pace, which takes time. My heart rate gets up there and I end up finishing with a good sweat. You might also try including some tempo into your Zero Runner Workout. Go for a minute at normal pace, and then pick up the cadence for a minute and repeat! Hope these ideas help!

      Hip Brother Tom

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      I need to figure out how to crank the tension! I have never even tried that. I will read the manual. Thanks for the encouragement. I just did a great hour on the machine.

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      Is there any real advantage in purchasing the ZR8 versus the ZR7? The price difference is $1000.

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      It has been nine months since Brian asked about the difference between the two models and I am wondering that myself. On the website, it appears that the only? different is the moving arms on the more expensive model. How much difference does that make, and are there in fact other benefits?

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Mac,
      So sorry for the late response on this. The ZR7 does not have the aluminum legs. Instead, I believe the legs are steel (and heavier). I have tried them both, and I own the ZR8. 🙂

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