(Almost) 4 year update – Success follows success.

Well, well, well, how quickly (almost 4 years has passed. It still seems like yesterday that I was waking at 4am every morning to take 60mg of codeine to ease the pain and get back to sleep! Constant pain a part of my life for every day of evry week for the previous 2 years.

I’ve already documented on here how I went in to have a THR Ceramic on Ceramic at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford, Surrey, England under a surgeon named Mr Kerry Acton. The hip he chose was a new generation Furlong Evolution. Uncemented, the coating binds with the bone to create a bond which (it is presumed) means a hip for life. No restrictions (bar jumping from height) means running, cycling, tennis, duathlon, triathlon, snowboarding…you name it, I’ve done it POST op!

The results have been staggering. Already a UK Championship marathon runner with a best time of 2.40 before the op I am now beating all my age graded running times. I’ve run a couple of 17.03 5K’s, a 34 .50 10k and picked up a silver medal at the 2016 World Duathlon Championships in Adelaide (meaning that I also race at the upcoming World Champs in Penticton BC, Canada in August!!! It has been quite frankle an amazing journey – not without set backs – but incredible none the less.

What have I learned along the way???

1. Get the best implant!!! The furlong evolution is ceramic on ceramice (hardwearing) and creates a unique bond. Most revisions come from the stem failing (imagine a post concreted into the ground – over time it will loosen and come free).
2. Don’t delay the op. Any problems that I’ve had since have come from leaving the op too long. This shortens tendons, weakens muscles and remodels other muscles to take the strain.
3. Don’t overprotect the hip after the op – get a skilled physio to tell you exactly what you can and can’t do and which stretches you should do daily.
4. Return to activity but don’t go long. Shorter, intense races/training are going to give you the best chance of long term success.
5. Don’t limit yourself – I’ve done everything that I’ve wanted to. If I’ve enjoyed it in the past then I can sure as hell enjoy it again!
6. If you get a problem then seek lots of different advice and treatment. I’ve had a glute med issue that has partly responded to physio, partly responded to osteopathy but FULLY responded to ‘Strain/Counterstrain osteopathy’. Don’t give up!!!!

I’ve had a lot of press in the UK regarding my life after the hip so if you are at all interested then there is a link to a video explaining all on my Instagram page rixy166

Snippets can also be found on a google search of ‘Duathlon Michael Rix’, at www.healthawareness.co.uk/bones-and-joints/replacement/new-hip-brings-new-lease-of-life

and Twitter @rixy16

and for the data bods all my activity pre and post is on Garmin Connect – profile Mike Rix West Sussex

Hope it helps, and that I can be of help in some way.

P’S I love reading ALL your posts. Inspirational and heart warming. Good luck in your own journeys!

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      Michael Rix

      Well, well, well, how quickly (almost 4 years has passed. It still seems like yesterday that I was waking at 4am every morning to take 60mg of codeine
      [See the full post at: (Almost) 4 year update – Success follows success.]

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      Rusty Rathburn

      Sweet Post… Thanks Mike. Anyone reading this that is waiting…..GET IT DONE!!!

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      Michael Rix

      Absolutely. If you know that you need it done and that time won’t make it. Better then you have to whip it out and just get the best there is in there. That way you cause less problems to the muscles and tendons working overtime to keep you moving

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      Dave Whiteside

      Wow some great times Mike. Not sure how old you are but they are still impressive any age. Good luck in the upcoming WC, we will be routing for you!

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      Michael Rix

      Thanks both. I’m 46 Dave but feel younger than I have in years!

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      Hip Brother Tom

      It is awesome when people come back and report their progress years after their original hip replacements. Congrats to you and those times…..THOSE TIMES!!! That is awesome! Good Luck in Penticton!

      Hip Brother Tom

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      Mike – this post cheered me up no end! I have just joined hiprunner because I am now qualified, for the last two and a half years I have been posting on surfacehippy because I had a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing in Nov 2014. I had to stop parkrun at number 171 due to arthritis but my BHR allowed me to resume within three months and within the year was back to 70% and had run 13 miles in training. Right hip was given a couple of years before attention and this turned out to be very accurate, it let me down on the 4th December whilst hiking on Kinder, just a couple of runs away from my 250th. Managed to limp around on Xmas day (at Braunstone) to claim my teeshirt, along with the rest of my family, but it was grim. A month later the pain had substantially gone and I was back to speed but this was not to last. Saw surgeon 12th April, surgery 2nd May but instead of another shiny BHR I had to take a ceramic/poly Zimmer THR because my femoral head broke off. Pretty depressed about this as BHR is the way to go if suitable but you have demonstrated that this is not the end, I shall run (and bike and climb etc ) again and I have my surgeon’s blessing to continue as before – and maybe get faster! Thanks for the inspiration!

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      Michael Rix

      What a story you have!! Sounds like nothing will stop you. My hip replacement was the start of a new chapter with plenty more to come. Good luck in your endeavours

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      Hi Mike,
      I ahd hip replacement in mid-May and am now back to everything except running and swimming. I found an article about you which mentioned that you were swimming 2 weeks post surgery! How is this possible? Was your incision tiny, or did it heal super fast? Or is there a way to swim when the wound is not yet fully healed? Please let me know! Thanks

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      Michael Rix

      Ha! The stitches had been removed so I got in the water. It was against advice but not problematic. Good luck in your own recovery

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      Michael Rix

      46 and not getting any younger!! Thank you

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