Well, It’s Been Over 2 yrs Since THR

I haven’t posted on here in a long, long time. A lot has happened, a lot to update you all on. My hip is doing amazing!! I am back full speed into doing ultras. I am a lot slower now but I can still get the job done!

Since my left THR in May 2013 I have ran five 100 milers and three 300 milers. Yes, you heard that correctly. A few of the races I completed were Umstead 100, 6 Days in the Dome (Alaska multi-day race where I ran 300 miles around a 400 meter track), Across the Years 6 Day Race (Phoenix AZ did 308 miles around a 1 mile loop) and just recently completed the Vol State 500k race where I ran 314 miles unsupported from Missouri to Georgia.

Who says you can’t run after a hip replacement?!

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