Oh Advil, I forgot how amazing you truly are….

Hi all!  I am 8 weeks post THR and feel like I have really turned a corner.  They’re not joking when they say ‘you’ll feel much better at 6 weeks’ — It was literally 6 weeks on the dot and I woke up feeling considerably better.

My overall pain is WAY down, bruising is gone, swelling is subsiding and PT is moving along really well — Just focusing on correcting all the bad alignments/compensation issues that plagued me for years before the surgery — it’s amazing how many muscles are super-tight, over worked and out of whack!  Now it’s time to whip all those into shape.

I’ve been increasing my cardio activity and strength training and can now easily do 25 minutes on the bike at a pretty good clip.  I walked yesterday for a full hour solid without stopping — My leg is a little swollen today but I didn’t feel like I needed to stop during the walk so that’s huge!

My favorite milestone is I get to take Advil again!  My doc didn’t want any ibuprofen for the first 8 weeks to minimize anything interfering with bone growth.  I had given up the tylenol almost two weeks ago as it really did nothing.

My pain hadn’t been too bad and it’s not like I felt like I couldn’t function without medication, but I wanted to kick this last bout of pain to the curb and also really focus on getting rid of the swelling and inflammation.  Yesterday after my walk I took my first advil in 2 months and I was literally in awe at truly how amazing it works at targeting joint pain and stiffness.  You forget how well something so simple works.

Now, I am focusing on getting my cardio back up each and every day and working on strength moves.  Can’t wait to see how good I’ll feel at my 3 – month checkup in another 4 weeks!   Cheers all!!!!

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