The hip bone’s connected to the……..jaw bone???

Antibiotics are now required before every dentist appointment.

I remember when I was speaking with Dr. Tim prior to the surgery.  He mentioned matter-of-factly that from now on whenever I go to the dentist I would need to take antibiotics one hour prior to the appointment. “Really?” I said, “For the rest of my life?”.   “Yep!”, he said.  “What about cleanings?”  “Even Cleanings.”  So today, I had a cleaning appointment clear on the other side of town and guess what I forgot?  I COMPLETELY forgot about the antibiotics.    But this dentist remembered me from my last visit.  I had been there just prior to the surgery to get a confirmation that I had no infections in any teeth – a requirement for hip surgery.  When I got there today, the first question they asked when I sat in the chair was, “Have you taken your antibiotics?”.  So I have to try again next week.  And you can bet that I won’t forget the antibiotics.  Who’d a thunk the hip bone was connected to the jaw bone?

1 thought on “The hip bone’s connected to the……..jaw bone???

  1. That’s interesting Tom, I haven’t had that advice and have visited the dentist a few times since my surgery. Maybe I should check that out.

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