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I remember when I first was told about the arthritis in my hip. “Stop running and find a different sport.” Those words echoed in my head for a very long time. I obeyed and turned to mountain biking. Most of you know the story from there. I gained weight, got out of shape, and who knows, maybe THAT did more damage to my hip then running. So I turned back to running. Lost the weight, got into better shape, and faced the inevitable down the road….Hip Replacement. You know what? It’s not so bad. OK, I know I am just 2.5 years in, but the worst thing that can happen is I will need another. Better that, knowing I am staying in good shape in the meantime, than living an inactive life. There are probably other activities that could maybe keep me in as good of shape, but are they as convenient? Can I just do it out my front door? And for those of you who think turning to stationary bike or elliptical training would be the answer, how many times will you stare at the speck on the wall until you decide it is time to paint the room. No, way. For me and my mental state, running is it. Being out in nature, going to that zone that let’s me forget I am running, so that I can just process….that is the place for me. I think all runner’s on this blog would say the same.

It is time to welcome a boat load of new “Hip” runners….

Mike F – (Hip Replacement in 2007) –  Just checking in on how folks deal with the pain of running postoperative .  I am (was) a serious runner but now stick to the elliptical until a nice day where I am compelled to give another try to running outside. I love being a runner but am facing the wall and need help in breaking through for a few more years of running.

Vicki W –   (She got the Doctor’s Orders) – Day after my surgery Doctor come into my room and the first words out f his mouth are: “Surgery went fantastic, No more running, right?” Other than the replacement wearing down quicker, why can’t I run?

Amanda D – (She knows a THR is coming) – Shakira is wrong…. My hips do lie. And I’ve been lying to myself and others about the pain for several months now. I believe my mental need to run has outweighed the physical pain (and deformity) of running for me for awhile. But I did finally go to an orthopedic surgeon (well, 3) last week, and all were shocked by my bone on bone osteoarthritis in my left hip and how I was walking (barely) let alone running (messily). I know I need to have this surgery but it is hard for anyone who is not a runner to understand where my mentality is on this. The first doctor I saw gave me a death sentence for post op exercise, where as the 3rd doctor I saw said of course I could run again and do anything else I have done before. I have a great support group of family, friends and trainers, but finding your website has given me an optimism far greater than I thought was out there. Thank you for sharing all of your stories and I look forward to one day soon posting about my own post op pain free best run.

Nancy N – (THR scheduled in June)  – 26 days and counting!!! I am grateful to have found this site. Just stating running at the young age of 56, only to be shut down by osteoarthritis and bone spurs……. First doctor told me I’d never run again (wanted to do anterior). 2nd opionion said I’d be running next summer! Guess who I chose! Updates to follow post-op! Until then, keep the post coming! Your encouraging words are keeping the fear-factor at bay

Alison G – (2 THR’s ) –  I was born with congenitive hip dysplasia and about 2 1/2 years ago had my right hip replaced followed by my left hip 6 months later. I never used to be able to even walk a mile now I do 5K walks with ease.  I am looking into training for a 10K that is timed with a pace requirement. Does anybody out there have 2 artificial hips that can share some advice?

Rick A – Hip Replacement is coming……


Welcome to the Club!


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      I remember when I first was told about the arthritis in my hip. “Stop running and find a different sport.” Those words echoed in my head for a very lo
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