Steve – I’m now officially a HipRunner!!

Well, patience is not my best quality. I was advised to wait until 12 weeks post-op to try running. The warm sun and too-crowded-to-bike-in-Central-Park circumstances were seductive, so I donned my Brooks and headed out yesterday – the 11 week mark. What’s a week? The power of rationalizing!!

So, I ran 3 miles. At my age (67) and with no running in more than a year, the pace was slooooowwww, probably 9 minute miles, but I felt so incredibly liberated.
I was curious to see how my hip would react. The answer was immensely gratifying. I experienced no pain whatsoever. My stride was normal, even when I accelerated a bit to run around someone. I didn’t push myself too much, but that was more because of general lack of running fitness, not my hip. The only thing that reminded me that I had a hip replacement was a sensation right in the hip joint itself. It may have been my imagination, but I think I could tell that the materials were firmer than my natural hip. The greatest surprise was that I felt no pain or weakness in the muscles around the hip, and absolutely no unusual feeling in the femur with the implant.

This morning I have a bit of general stiffness, just from running for the first time. But even this feeling is bilateral and mostly in the quads. I can’t feel anything unusual in or near the hip.

So, I’m ecstatic. Before surgery I would not have imagined that I would have mountain biked, road biked, speed skated and run, all before the 3 month mark.

So, thanks to Tom and this site for conveying what’s possible and allowing all of us to share our stories.

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