Sarah K – Week Three

My dad visited over the weekend and as we sat in my backyard, enjoying a beer and a cigar (him) he started to get wistful (as cigars often make him) and he started talking about when he leaves my house (or my sister’s house or my brother’s house) he always feels a little guilty. He also always looks in his rearview mirror hoping to see us chasing after him, begging him not to go.

This last part turned out to be a lie.

An hour or so later, my father left and as I turned back into my house, I saw that he left the bag of things my mom left behind. I grabbed the bag, hobbled out the front door, down my stairs and started screaming “Dad.”

I waved my arms. I screamed louder. But he pulled out of his parking spot and headed down my street.

I had to run for it.

And by run, it was more like a really awkward skip with my arms still flailing.

Fortunately, I only had to awkwardly skip half a block as there is a stop sign at the end of my street.

While I was proud of my sort of half block run, I won’t be attempting that again anytime soon. They say you have to walk before you can run and I’m still very much limping (in general – not from the run). I’m down to one crutch and getting up and down stairs easier and faster. So I’ll refrain from any more awkward skips in favor of getting off the crutch and walking without a limp.

7 thoughts on “Sarah K – Week Three

  1. Wow Sarah, when you need to get something done sometime you push the envelope. At three weeks there was no way I would have been able to run after a car. that is what Cell phones are for. But it shows you that the hardware will not come apart. so work on transitioning to a cane and do the exercised to get rid of the limp. Running Broad Street in 10 days.

  2. Good luck, Doug. Friends and I will be at Broad and Dickenson cheering our faces off. I would say look for the girl with crutches, but I hope to be off of them completely by then.

  3. Great Story Sarah. 🙂 Nothing like taking a little drink from the fire hose. Time for you to rest for a while.

  4. Holy crap! You are made of steel! How are you feeling after? My long walk worked things I didn’t even know were there!

  5. Sarah, Ok I will be looking for the girl with the cane cheering her face off. that is about the 7 mile mark on the run, I will need some cheering. Our group had about 130 runners and we meet at Broad and Paterson. hope to see you. I will post with the design of our shirt this year so you can motivate our group. MRS the best thing I did was start to run again it stretched out other muscles and revived some that were dormant.

  6. MRS, my butt hasn’t been that sore since running stairs of the math tower at Temple. Still, like Doug and Tom said, it was nice to limp back to my house (I was without my crutch) having (awkwardly) run even such a short distance. I have no plans to repeat the performance until I get the all clear, but it felt like a little accomplishment and served to remind me why I did this in the first place.

  7. Sarah, get out the calendar and mark the date 12 weeks from the day of your surgery. That is what I did and it kept me focused on the PT. As you get stronger the changes in a week will become less and less. The goals are what will keep you motivated. Do you want to run broad street next year, if so put that down on your list and tell everyone about your plan. It worked for me.

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