GloriaA.-About Me. Testing the waters!

I am very excited, yet a little tenative about joining this group.  I had a right THR 1/15/2010.  The procedure went well & I had an excellent recovery and have been working out since 12 weeks post-surgery.  Mostly biking, elliptical & fast walking.  I have managed to lose 25 lbs in that time, but really want to lose 20 more.  With that in mind I started adding a little bit of running in with my walks.  I was told by my doctor to never run.  Wanting to not believe him I started googling about running on a THR .  Most articles said NO!  However one thing I read made me reconsider running as an option.  It was about the load on your hips during certain activities- the load with walking 3 mph was 3.75 & running 7 mph was 6.  Well I was walking @ 4 & running @ 6- so I didn’t see a significant difference!  Still I was afraid.  I kept running a little & surfing the net for info.  About 4 months ago I googled again and that’s when I found  I bought the e-book & was convinced it wasn’t as risky as I was lead to believe.  So I bought a new pair of running shoes (Nike Pegasus)  and started a Couch to 5k program.  I ran into a little trouble once I started running- but on the non THR side.  I got a bad case of Piriformis Syndrome & was forced to back off.  Currently I am doing a run 1 min/ walk 1 min routine for 45 minutes 4-5 times a week.  Hoping to do more in the future.  Glad to find a group of like-minded & brave (lol) people.

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  1. Gloria, you will find out that due to the problem with your bad hip other muscles have suffered atrophy. It will take time for your body to get back into running and you feel it in the other hip due to increasing the range of motion, you are doing it the correct way with the walk one the run one. it gets much easier.

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