Sarah K – Week Two Point Five

I returned to work on my two week anniversary. I know this is early for some, and I promised my mom and my boss that if it proved to be too much I would go back to working from home, but I was bored at my house and feeling really good. So, it just made sense to go back to the office.

Also, I thought it would be nice to put some distance between me and my fridge.

The main thing holding me back from going back to work was transportation. As great as I am doing, stairs are still tricky – tricky slow going; not tricky hard. And after venturing out downtown last weekend I knew people don’t care if you have crutches – they will plow right over you. I assume this goes double during rush hour. And since the stairs from the subway platform are crowded and scary enough when I’m not on crutches, I thought it would be best to avoid them all together until I could take them two at a time and throw an occasional hip check if necessary.

Fortunately, a good friend offered to drive me to work when I was ready to get back to it.

The transition from my kitchen office to my office-office was smooth, there were a couple of unanticipated bumps. For instance, I now know the importance of a cross-body work bag: when on crutches, a standard purse on your shoulder will mean stopping every six or so steps to adjust your straps.

Also, when you make a Starbucks run, be sure to bring a friend to help carry your coffee.

6 thoughts on “Sarah K – Week Two Point Five

  1. I too went back to work in week 2 and found it an easy transition. Congrats on a step back to normal-and away from the fridge!

  2. Sarah, glad you made it back to work. Try to transition from the crutches to a cane. takes up a lot less space and you can swing it faster on the subway platform:)

  3. Hi, Sarah
    pleased to hear that you started to work again. around 2 weeks post op , what I did was using nordic walking stick rather than cane. But, subway, commute time must be very hard to walk. I know Japanese Tokyo station, how hard to walk, we have to walk like school of fish. Hope, week by week, you can walk better. I love American coffee. I wish I am there, help you out.

  4. A tip on getting coffee on your own: I bought a reusable tall coffee cup/mug and got a bag/pack that has pouches on the side to carry stuff like water bottles. So I just slipped the coffee mug in the pouch and took off on my crutches. Nothing gets between me and my coffee 🙂

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