Steve – Week 7 and cycling

Good morning, Hipsters.

7 weeks post-op and feeling mighty good. Sunday consisted of 3 miles pleasant walking, several sets of PT and a 25 mile cycle.

Most of the time I am unaware of any difference between hips.

As to cycling . . . For those who don’t cycle, or see it as very secondary, a word about cycling after THR:

While I wait to run, I’ve been pressing cycling (I used to race fairly seriously). Within these few weeks, initially spinning on a wind trainer, now riding outside, I find that my cycling fitness is returning very, very quickly. Obviously the precise range of motion and specific muscles make this a more predictable workout, but the normality is quite striking. I’ve ridden only a dozen times, half of them indoors, but my power is nearly normal. I know pace and gear ratio on a whole series of inclines and hills, so my comparisons are fairly accurate.

I write this because of the obvious need to approach running more gradually due, in part, to the much greater impact but also, I suspect, due to the more complex muscle systems involved.

The opportunity to press earlier with cycling may allow other hip-runners to be, albeit it temporarily, hip-cyclists. Perhaps my experience is unique, but I think probably not. The chance to work toward a high level of fitness only 7 weeks post-op is very good for my psychological well-being. I surely could not do this with running.

Hope all recent THR’s are progressing brilliantly.



3 thoughts on “Steve – Week 7 and cycling

  1. Agree that maintaining fitness is vital. For me swimming and pool running work. I imagine we’ve all had to lighten up on running in the past because of strains, sprains, etc. Same deal now. Returning to run will be more rewarding if I do.

  2. Hi, Steve
    You are progressing very well. After op, I used stand with my bike. low impact, good for back to our fitness. I do triathlon. I feel different sports to do is good for long run in our life. THR , normally settle our body takes 3-12 months. sure, when you feel ready , you will start to jog or run.

  3. There is a great benefit to cycling, especially after a hip replacement. There is so much less impact on the hip. And there is the mental benefit of “getting back to where you were faster”…..You said it best “The chance to work toward a high level of fitness only 7 weeks post-op is very good for my psychological well-being”.
    Hip Brother Tom.

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