Sarah K — Week One (and then some)

The bandage came off and it is ugly.

And I had prepared (mentally) to talk how my friends argued that it was a cool scar and I countered that there is nothing cool about a hip replacement scar and how I was thinking about coming up with a better, cooler story for my scar than hip replacement when this morning I opened Huffington Post and saw the images of the survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing at the finish line and felt nothing but shame.

These runners, these survivors, they have been through so much and to be back at that place, with their scars and their running shoes and their messages of hope and inspiration shamed me and my silly worry about my silly scar.

It also made me feel incredibly proud to be a part of the global running community and has me more sure than ever that I will be back to running. Maybe not soon, but soon enough.

7 thoughts on “Sarah K — Week One (and then some)

  1. What! No pic? 😉

    Yeah, I am so thoroughly embracing the awesomeness that is the hip replacement. Reading stories like those about bombing survivors really puts things into perspective. We could have gone through so much more.

    I get my bandage off on Tuesday. I’m nervous. I saw the incision when they took the initial dressing off on Day 2 (or was it 3?). I took a picture and my medical friends all raved about what a nice, clean job it was. I’ll trust them on that!

    How is your PT going?

  2. I saw a news story on one of the Boston survivors while doing my PT last night and another this morning. It certainly makes my scars and challenges feel very small!
    My scar looked (and felt) more like I had been through a fire than a surgery when the bandage first came off.

  3. Way to put it all in perspective Sarah. Well said. And by the way. It looks ugly now…but it gets WAYYYYYY better. Happy to post a 2 year pic….if you want. 🙂
    Hip Brother Tom.

  4. Hi, Sarah
    I understand how you felt about your scar. I am dental hygienist. I used to help dental operations. I counted my stitches , how long scar I have got. I observed it. I am 6 months post op. I still can not wear bikini. Big scar will show up. But, month by month, it stars faint. Sure, time will sort , one day soon, you can wear bikini again, if you wish. I will.

  5. I’m proud to have the THR Scar and would gladly show it off. However, I think it would be easier to do while wearing shorts.

    After surgery (17 months ago) I did not have a bandage on so I had a good shot of my scar while very fresh. It was sealed with surgical glue.

    Sarah and all the other new hipsters, enjoy your badge of honor and hopefully pain free running.

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