Gregg- 10 Months 3 weeks 100 miler done!!!

Been about 3 months since I last posted on here and a lot has happened. I have now completed 4 different 50k (31 milers) trail races, 50 mile race and just this last weekend I completed Umstead 100 in Raleigh NC!!!

We have researched and researched and we have not been able to find anyone else who has had a THR that has completed a 100 miler. So I am proud of that.

My hip has held up really nice. I had problems about a month ago when I started trying to do some crossfit along w my running. It ended up putting too much stress on the hip muscles. It stayed inflamed and I couldnt run. So I stopped the crossfit and my hip has been so much better since. I don’t run fast, I keep my weekly mileage down for the most part. I don’t run everyday.

It took a good 9-10 months before my muscles in my hip started feeling alot better and it felt like I turned the corner a few weeks ago.

I do ice baths, take inflammation meds, stretch, get massages, etc. For those that don’t my story, I was an ultra runner before my THR last May. So I was used to the 50 and 100 mile runs. it has been my goal since the surgery to get back to running ultras. I just take my time, listen to my hip, stay on top of my nutrition and just try to finish the races.

I am extremely grateful to be back to running like I am. I have even bigger events and races planned and I will stay in touch. Find me on facebook too under Gregg Ellis (Calhoun, Ga) or on twitter to track my progress @ellis_gregg.

Talk to you all soon!!

7 thoughts on “Gregg- 10 Months 3 weeks 100 miler done!!!

  1. Hi, Gregg
    what an achievement! Well done. Your post definitely gave me encouragement that I will participate a half marathon in 2 weeks time. In my past , I did full marathons, But, I am always thinking I could do it again or not. Even I want to do. 100 milers is 4 times of full marathon! How did you do it! I know I have to faces a walls, mind ! you must have got really strong mind! Anyway, I am more than proud of your achievement. Well well done!

  2. Gregg, thank you for this post! Awesome accomplishment. Just the kind of encouragement I need before THR.
    Accomplished my first 50 miler (Keys 100/50) last May (2013). Was signed up to do it again this year, (one week away) but due to my leg problems and Carol S THR 4 weeks ago; we dropped the run and are volunteering at the finish in Key West instead. We both made it thru the lottery for Marine Corps Marathon for 2014 (my fourth and Carols second); so that will be the focus of our recovery and near term training. Your post has given me hope of accomplishing my first 100 miler in the future: most likely Pine Creek 100 in PA. Semper FI

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