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My 6 week post-op visit was delightful and short, although I was reminded to be patient. As I’ve previously posted, my recovery has been quite amazing by any standard. I’m cycling, including mountain biking, feel virtually normal in all daily activities including miles of walking – blah, blah.

But my conversation with Dr. Mayman elicited some information I hope others will find helpful and encouraging.

First, he surprised me by recommending that I not run for another 6 weeks. The risks are low, he acknowledged, but why bother? At 12 weeks the growth of bone into the implant will have created, in his words, a hip as strong or stronger than my natural hip.

I also asked if “risky” activities like cycling challenging single track should be avoided for fear of breaking the hip. He responded that the new hip would be significantly harder to break than the natural hip and he has no reservations about such activities.

Finally, I asked about really high impact, for example: By summertime, when backpacking, should I be cautious about jumping from rock to rock (perhaps 3 foot drop) and absorbing the impact on my new hip. Not at all, he replied.

All of this was quite liberating, other than his suggestion to wait a bit longer to run.

He also reiterated (with appropriate caveats) that the evidence is mounting that a properly aligned hip with ceramic head and cross-linked polyethylene liner appears to be nearly impervious to wear, at least during my lifetime.

He said there was really no point in seeing me sooner than 2 years from now and then only to get an image to confirm that nothing has changed at all.

2 thoughts on “Steve – 6 week doctor visit

  1. Steve, I was told the same thing to wait 12 weeks before the restrictions were lifted. good info about the hip and like the Blah Blah Blah. and it will only get better.

  2. Hi, Steve
    Thanks your post
    I am 6 months post. But, It is very useful informations. ( I started jog 8 weeks, I was very slow that time, I felt I can not run again) 12 weeka later, I ran , I felt much better. It is worth to wait to start to run after 12 weeks. Anyway, very pleased to hear you are recovering well.

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