Sarah K — Day Three

If ever there was a day for sleeping in and doing nothing it was Day Three in Philadelphia. It was gray and raining and chilly outside.

So, after a call from the hospital asking if there was any seepage from my wound dressing and if I had a bowl movement, I remained camped on my couch, doing my exercises, eating lots of food and alternating between watching bad TV and reading trashy magazines.

The nurse who called warned I might experience a lot of swelling over the next couple of days, so I kept ice on my legs. I still haven’t experienced a great deal of pain, I still haven’t taken anything stronger than Tylenol (and Pinot Noir), but I did notice that the longer I sat, the harder it was to get up and get moving again.

Day Four will involve much more walking and moving. It is supposed to be gorgeous out.


5 thoughts on “Sarah K — Day Three

  1. Hi, Sarah
    I am 6 months after operation. I remember you are getting through that stage. I must say If you can walk around or little exercise that physio recommended , your muscle will stronger and you can recover faster. of course, everybody is different, listen your body and put an effort! Suer, time pass quickly, you will be fit soon again.

  2. Sarah, you are doing great and yes day 4 was nice out side. siting for too long or spending to much time on the couch will make it harder to get up and moving. PT should be coming to your house and they will get you set up with the exercises to get you ready for outpatient PT. Sounds like you are doing great. Keep us posted.

  3. Sarah, by week two you will be done all of your magazines so make sure you have Netflix and pick out books you want to read on your kindle. 🙂

  4. Doug, I’m not having PT visit the house (doctor’s choice) but I have exercises and have noticed that the longer I sit, the harder it is to get up and get moving. As for the magazines, they have all been read and now I am consuming my Netflix queue. Why didn’t someone tell me about The Newsroom? I binge watched that yesterday.

  5. In about two weeks you will want your doctor to get you outpatient PT. they will work on getting all the muscles back in shape and be able to track your progress. this is where you unlearn all of the bad habits you might have developed. your Netflix queue will go fast and you will be watching anything to pass the time. (Terra Nova) is good but only lasted one season.

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