Sarah K — Day Two

Man do they start the day early in a hospital.

At around 4 a.m. an alarm woke me up. My IV was nearing empty. When the nurse came in to turn the alarm off, she told me I was done with IV fluids and she would be able to take my IV out later.  

While I was up, a tech came by to take my vitals.

I started to fall back asleep when the surgical intern came in to see how I was doing. I showed him how well I was wiggling my toes and he checked out my wound dressing and then he left.

I closed my eyes and began drifting off when my surgeon came in to see how I was doing. I showed off my toe wiggling ability again, he asked if I had any questions, and while I did want to ask details about the surgery and, most importantly, what they did with my old hip, more than anything I wanted to go back to sleep. So I told him I didn’t have any questions and he left and I closed my eyes.

But then the nurse was back to remove my IV. And then breakfast came. And then another nurse with a bowl filled with soapy water and wash-clothes. And while I was fine letting all these things sit while I slept, the first nurse came back and said PT was on their way. So now I had to get up, bathe and eat. On the plus side, they let me change into my own clothes.

At PT I was downgraded from the walker to a set of crutches. There was another hip patient in the gym, and my use of crutches inspired him to try them as well. I then learned to get in and out of a chair, up and down stairs, in and out of the shower and in and out of a car. I learned the exercises I would need to do twice a day for the next month and then graduated PT, was wheeled back to my room, and learned I was being discharged.

I felt like the world’s greatest hip replacement patient.

On our way home, my mom and I stopped for lunch at a bar near my house — they have the greatest tomato soup and like I said I was having no problem with my appetite. We parked about a block from the bar, even though my mom offered to drop me off right at the door, so I got to try out my crutching skills. I made it to the bar, but I was admittedly sore. My wound felt like it was on fire. But that was the worst pain I experienced and even that wasn’t as bad as it got when I was running.

At home, I showered — no shower has ever felt better — switched into comfy pajamas, made camp on my couch and had a glass of wine (another benefit of eschewing the heavy narcotics).

3 thoughts on “Sarah K — Day Two

  1. Sarah K.

    With that account, I’m surprised you didn’t just schedule it on your lunch break so you could get back to work! Animal! Way to go and congrats on the new hip.

    Hip Brother Tom.

  2. Congrats! The firey feeling on my thigh is awful but intermittent. I am so excited for you! You are recovering with lightning speed 🙂

  3. The burning at the wound is the worst. I’ve been icing it when it happens. I am not sure if it is psychological or physiological but it seems to help.

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