Steve – 4 week report continued

It just feels fun to report that I celebrated 4 weeks post-op with an hour mountain bike ride on single track (nothing too technical, as I haven’t lost my mind). Lots of rolling hills and felt darned near normal.

What a great feeling! I wish I could run (doc said wait a few more weeks), but it’s mighty fine to be able to do everything and anything else.

Can’t be more grateful for this progress! And I’m delighted I found this site so I have a place to write self-indulgent reports and, hopefully, encourage others who are deciding whether or not to take this step.

3 thoughts on “Steve – 4 week report continued

  1. I think all posters are glad that Hiprunner exists. It’s great to have a place to share something like this. Glad your making such good progress. It will be even better now that spring is here and you have a new hip.

  2. Hi, Steave
    I am pleased to hear your recovery. after operation , one month is another period. sure, you feel much stronger week by week and month by month. soon your body will tell you that I am ready for jog.

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