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Ah, hip bliss.   After 4 weeks, under most circumstances I’d have trouble noticing anything that suggests I’m only a month post-surgery.  Just returned from a wedding – 1000 miles of driving, blah, blah.  Could have danced all night, if I cared about dancing all night.   A few glasses of wine and watching another generation lose all inhibition was entertainment enough.

The Hiprunner-related report is that even my daring Doc wouldn’t approve a start to running quite yet.   While I feel like running, feel completely normal cycling, etc., here was his cogent advice:  “The bone needs to grow into the pores in the implant.  That takes some time.  If there is too much stress on the interface before the bone grows in fully then you can get fibrous tissue instead of bone.”

That’s clear and helpful.  The really good news is that he suggested I wait a “couple more weeks.”   So, I have his blessing to start running at 6 weeks post-op.  That’s good enough for me.

The running, frankly, is mostly symbolic, as I have no intentions of training hard.  I love to run as a means of having an option when weather is lousy for wheel-sports.  I was a decent (2:40’s) marathoner, but now mostly inline speed skate and cycle.  I like running more than I like cleaning bearings.  My attraction to this site was because of the encouraging “Tom optimism” that contradicts all the unnecessary, conservative, post-op gloom one finds elsewhere.



3 thoughts on “Steve – 4 week report

  1. I had a very similar discussion about bone growth with my orthopedist. He did state that studies showed that there wasn’t much bone growth into the ports after six weeks.

  2. Of course WE HIPRUNNERS ALL KNOW, that OPTIMISM enhances and speeds up the bone growth into the pores. 🙂 Seriously though, my doc told me the healing continues for a full 2 to 3 years after the hip replacement so my ongoing advice is to make sure you listen to the hip, don’t overdo it, and when its time to rest the hip, rest it. Then come back a day or 2 later and try it again.

  3. I agree with Tom. There are weeks when I run 25+ miles and weeks where my total is less then 10 miles. I think I have a pretty good handle on when I can push it and when I need to take it easy. Right now I’m in the “Take it easy” mode.

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