Steve – 3 week report

It’s so good it’s getting boring.   At 3 weeks post-op my daily functioning and energy are normal.  I have to remind myself to behave.  I just returned from a 2 mile errand walk at a brisk stroll and certainly could have doubled it.   Unlike a week ago, my hip doesn’t feel odd in any way, although I can’t quite claim that I am oblivious to having had surgery.  As I’ve reported before, I can and do jog a short distance, to make a crosswalk light, to catch a cab or just for the hell of it.   It feels fine.  I’m not dumb enough (not quite) to actually try running, but I delight in the fact that it is tempting.

For Jen T and others who are deciding how quickly to “pull the trigger,” I am sooo glad I went ahead immediately.  I was hoping by having the surgery in late February that I’d be in good enough shape to visit my son and his family in Colorado in late March.  Not only are we going, but he and I just made arrangements to do an easy mountain bike ride on trails where falling is unlikely.   Had I not done the surgery, I’d be riding a tricycle with my granddaughter.  I think I’ll do that too!!





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