Steve – 2 week anniversary

Well, the progress continues to astound me.  I suppose it is due to many factors, but I’m grateful to be sure.

I returned to work on post-op day 4 and, on post-op day 9 was back to full time.   Friday evening, post-op day 13, I attended an evening benefit for my school.  I had two short speech/presentations to make and was completely comfortable bounding up the 3 steps to the podium.

I have no pain, just a very mild feeling after exercise or when first rising from sitting for a while.  I’ve doubled my PT (I just do my own thing – no actually physical therapist) and the range of motion of my new hip is nearly identical to my “natural” hip.   After PT yesterday I cycled about 30 minutes on the wind trainer.  I felt very close to normal.  Apparently cycling muscles were not affected much, as I could have pushed a pretty big gear if I tried.  I restrained myself.  I was tempted to cycle outside and do a few loops in Central Park (I live in NYC), but I suppose crashing is a bad idea.

I won’t, for obvious reasons, but I actually feel as though I could go for a short run.  Certainly from a strength and comfort perspective, I could do that, but I wonder/worry if the implant is sufficiently knit to bone to allow that kind of jarring. I’ll be patient and wait a few weeks for clearance from my doc.


2 thoughts on “Steve – 2 week anniversary

  1. Steve, it takes 12 weeks for the implant to knit to the bone for running. take your time and work on the wind trainer then when your doctor says it is ok take out the bike. but wait a little more before trying to run.

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