Sarah K – Second Opinion

I’ve set a date.

I didn’t go into my second opinion expecting to come out with an appointment for surgery. I went in with my list of questions and a determination to keep both my hips.

My appointment was at the Rothman Clinic at Jefferson, a teaching hospital, so while my appointment was with one doctor, I first had to sit through meeting with his intern (or whatever you call a doctor who is still in training). I started my appointment the same way I have started many appointments just like this one, “I should warn you, I don’t like doctors.”

She laughed. “Who does?”


I went on to tell my sad story, going back to my days rowing at Temple, up to my last visit when the doctor unceremoniously told me my hip had to go.

“And that had to be a shock because you are only 35.”

Eureka. Finally, someone in a white lab jacket who gets it.

“He also told me I wouldn’t be able to run after the surgery, but could hope to golf again.”

She smiled. “I’m a month away from seeing my own patients and performing my own surgeries, so I am going to tell you what I plan on telling them – do what you want. The whole point of this surgery is to get you back to your life. So, if you want to run, I’m not going to tell you not to.”

She then went on to explain the scope option that I thought I was going to see the first doctor about. Unfortunately computers weren’t working and so she had to view my films somewhere else but was going to look at them, talk to the doctor and see if we could save my hip.

I officially had a girl-crush on my doctor’s intern.

The thing is, after looking at my films, the hip-saving scope option isn’t an option for me. And so we discussed the hip replacement surgery. She showed me how big my scar would be, and where. She detailed the day of my surgery, the day after, the days after and the month after. Patiently answered all of my questions, and when the doctor finally joined us, he confirmed I would be able to run after, though not right away and, he wouldn’t recommend running marathons.”

“It’s not so much the running marathons or half marathons as much as the training.”

Well, since I never bother to train for them, I should be fine.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of this community for your kind words and recommendations for doctors. It has helped tremendously as I transition from “I can push through this” to “fine, take it.”

7 thoughts on “Sarah K – Second Opinion

  1. The first realization that you need a new hip at a young age is hard. Being a physician who has given hard news to patients and parents, it still hit me hard that I would need a new hip. Two weeks out and still recovering, but I know it was the right decision and as you said you do it so you can go back to living your life. I have yet to have a doctor say I could run, but I haven’t given up that dream yet. Good luck on your journey.

  2. Sarah. Great attitude. I feel a bit sad for the people who try to “wait it out” instead of getting it done and getting back to what they love to do. Life is about living isn’t it? Good for you and I am glad you have docs who understand.

  3. my doctor at rothman said i have no restrictions. jan 2013 thr been running for 4 months pain free. good luck sarah

  4. Sarah glad you found a doctor you like and also understands. I am in bucks county and i went to Temple sports medicine to get my hip done. Rothman is another excellent place. They are doing replacements on Athletes, there is a big difference. If you have any questions contact me through the web site.

  5. Thanks for all the support, guys (and gals). I seriously doubt I would feel so hopeful if it weren’t for this site and all of you.

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