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My name is Sarah and the first time a doctor suggested hip replacement surgery to me, I was 20 years old.

I have shallow hip sockets and, at the time, was experiencing, at times, intense pain in my right hip along with the sensation that my hip was giving out. The doctor, who looked at all my films and tested my hip’s ability to bend and flex and stretch, determined, other than the shallow hip sockets, there was nothing physically wrong with me. He then joked, “other than replacing your hip, there is nothing we can do for you.”

I stopped seeing doctors about the pain in my hip after that. Instead I used exercise, Advil and acupuncture to treat the pain many doctors made me feel was all in my head.

And I did that for 15 years.

After running the Marine Corp Marathon in 2012, my right knee started bothering me. I iced it, took more pain killers and assumed it was just from running 26.2 miles. The following weekend, on an easy run with a friend, the burning began and I officially freaked out.

More doctors’ appointments and x-rays and MRIs and having my right leg lifted into the air, bent, twisted in, and twisted out all while being asked, “any pain when I do this” after I told him/her it always hurts, I learned that I just didn’t have shallow hip sockets, I have arthritis in my hip.

And cysts.

And a torn labrum.

And while these last two problems could be treated surgically, the extent of worn away cartilage would make those procedures similar to “putting a new tire on a bent rim.” The only option left for me was hip replacement surgery. But, if I wanted to continue to run, the doctor wouldn’t advise surgery. Surgery, he said, would get me back on the golf course (I never said anything about golfing) but not running. Running after hip replacement surgery, according to him, would be a big mistake.

So I said I wasn’t going to have the surgery.

Then I cried. And called my mom. And she found this site.

So, now I’m getting a second opinion. While I secretly harbor the hope I can still be fixed without having to replace my right hip, mostly I’m hoping the second doctor is more in line with the doctors used by others on this site. I don’t need to run another marathon (or win a marathon – nice work, Tom) but I will run again and I need to find a doctor that is on board with that goal

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  1. Sarah

    Continue until you find a Doc that understands your need to run. I started to fall apart 3 1/2 years ago and continued to press on. Like you, I had multiple injuries in the end. I’m 6 weeks out, hope to start running next week. Maybe a 5K next month, another in March and a 1/2 marathon in late April. I havent started running yet, but I am convince THR does not mean the end to your running. Consider it a new beginning!!!

    1. start with the eliptical then threadmil walking then mix jog-walk that is what i did. im back running 5ks after a yr good luck

  2. It IS a new beginning Sarah! You’ll see. As long as you listen to your body, you’ll find that you WILL be able to get back to running! Good luck on your search for a new doctor!

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