Gregg- 7 Months 100 Miler??

I attempted a 100 mile race one week ago down in Milledgeville, Ga at the Bartram 100. Unfortunately I didn’t finish the race. However I did make it 68.5 miles, so I was pretty proud of that.

Around hour 19 and mile 65 I started having some real discomfort in my hip and leg in general. My hip got inflamed and other issues started creeping up because of the way I was jogging/walking to overcompensate.

It was nothing major though, no injuries. After a day or two off of my leg/hip and some anti-imflammatories I was back to running again. I am in complete training mode now. I am attempting 100 again in April at Umstead 100 in NC. I also have several 50k’s and 12 hour races in the next 2 months.

Things are good with my hip and I am way ahead of schedule.

3 thoughts on “Gregg- 7 Months 100 Miler??

  1. Gregg, As hip brother Tony might say….you’re crazier than a box of frogs! :). 68.5 miles is still an amazing feat. Thanks for the report and keep on running….you’ll get to 100. I KNOW it!
    Hip Brother Tom.

  2. Hi, Gregg
    I was very impressed what you were achieving it. I like any challenging things. I do triathlons , full marathons. But, I am timid to attend like Iron man’s race. ( 1.5k sea swim, 100k bike, 42.195k run ) , I feel if I am still young like 40, I really wanted to do. Life is only once, If your heart say, I want to do it. GO for it! Sure, you can do it. Your will take you to the goal. But, Like this time, If your mind say stop, that is very important, you have to resign brave enough. I did 16 miles running race early 2013. only 1 mile to go , I had severe pain around groin, I wanted to finish the race, kept running , finished it. But, I torn muscle badly. After race, Of course, I was limping , It was nightmare. anyway, I wish you can achieve your dream. Good good luck!

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