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Well Hi all!!

A little about me…

I’m a (soon to be) 43 year old guy living in the UK just South of London. I’ve competed over the years as a UK Championship marathon runner (best of 2.40.27) and GB Age Group Triathlete (3 World Champs and a European Champs).

I took up running late as up until the age of 34 I was considerably overweight and sedentary. However, I entered my first marathon, hated being beaten and decided to do something about it.

I improved until I was placing high up the finishing places but then in October 2011 I noticed an impingement in my left hip. X Ray revealed osteoarthritis which became progressively worse, to the point of me taking 240mg codeine per day (and waking at 4am every morning to take a dose) and not being able to put my own socks on!!

I met with a surgeon at the beginning of this year and he advised that as there was very little cartilage left I should have it replaced with a Total Ceramic on ceramic, uncemented replacement.

This was performed on 2nd July 2013.

Post op, my surgeon was very encouraging with regard to returning to competition. He stated that the 2nd generation hip I’d been given should not restrict me in any way – but that I should wait until full osteointegration before returning to running (3 months).

Well, I ditched my crutches within seven days (walking with a slight limp), got on a cycle turbo at 14 days – and have continued to have a session of 30-60 minutes each day.

3 weeks post op I took a holiday to Turkey and was sea swimming, stand up paddle boarding, mountain biking and kayaking. 8 weeks later I jogged 2 miles with no pain and a week after this I went snowboarding at an indoor snowdome.

Sunday was the acid test – could I still compete? I lined up with 104 fellow triathletes at Eton Dorney lake for a supersprint tri, splashed around for a bit, exited in twelfth, put the hammer down on the bike, got on to my toes for the run and won it outright!! (results at www.votwo.co.uk).

So – would I advise getting a replacement? ABSOLUTELY!!

Has my life changed – I FEEL REBORN (and haven’t taken a pain killer since 2 weeks post op)

Can you still compete? – NO DOUBT


I’ve recorded most of my activities pre and post op on Garmin Connect. If anyone wants to take a look then my username is rixy16 feel free to add me same on twitter @rixy16


Good luck and keep on running!

Picking up 1st of 2 awards at first race back post op (13 weeks)
Picking up 1st of 2 awards at first race back post op (13 weeks)

2 thoughts on “Mike – About Me

  1. HI, Mike
    I am more than impressed! How fit you are! After operation , only 13 weeks , you have already got a prise. I was participating Eton Dorney lake, triathlon 2013, Due to too much pain , I could not do it. But, I want to try once my life. I started training triathlon again. Hopefully, this year or next year, I will. week 12 now, I just started 10k in confidence. Let us know your progress. you will encourage us definitely.

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