Gregg- 18 Weeks

Believe it or not I just did 17.5 miles on the Pinhoti Trail this past Saturday! My gf  Sandie did her first ever ultra, Georgia Jewel 35 miler, and I did the second half with her.

Tough terrain. It was raining like crazy but we did it! We walked and ran. The 17.5 miles we covered in 4 hrs 45 mins. Hip held up great! My endurance needs some help though.

I am running regularly now, 5 days a week. About 25-30 total miles. Still slow and still really short strides.

Getting ready for Umstead 100 in April! 🙂


1 thought on “Gregg- 18 Weeks

  1. Wow that is great. With the short stride are you feeling any soreness in your calves? I tried to change my running to a more toe strike with shorter strides and I am experiencing calf soreness after the runs. Just looked up the umstead 100 sounds like a great race.

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