Tom – 3 New Hip Runners

It’s been another busy week on Hip Runner as our “Hip” running group continues to grow. Here are our latest 3 members of the “Hip” Runners Club and some of their quotes:

  1. Jim F – Age 71 (Hip replacement 7 years ago)

    Been ultra running for 30+ yrs; 71 year old duffer!  Had HR 7 yrs ago. Been running for last 2 yrs: 1/2 marathons, 10 k.  Doc said no running..BS, I’m running & speed walking! , etc.  Last check up showed no stress fractures or excessive bone growth.

  2.  Jena A – Age 42 (Hip Replacment Scheduled for October 2013)

    just got news today need total hip replacement and feel awful I’m a runner and a personal trainer not happy at all looking for some support…..

  3. Mark Kelley – (Hip Replacement May 2012)

    I had a total hip replacement May 2012. I was a triathlete since 1984 so now I will do Aquabikes which are swim and bike races.

We are all a unique group of runners/overachievers.  Who knows, maybe down the road people will be wanting to get hip replacements just to be members of this elite group…..


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