Gregg- 15 Weeks 4 days

I have had several setbacks lately. I definitely did way too much too soon. I stopped running. It has been 10 days now.

I have been having pretty bad pain in my hamstring, IT band, glute and hip area. I ran 23 miles in one week a couple of weeks ago and tried even some speedwork which was stupid. haven’t been the same since.

I’m dealing with imflammation which aggravates sciatica nerve. So I am taking it easy now. I have learned my lesson. I was ahead of schedule but my impatience set me back in my recovery.

Hey, it’s all good though. You live and you learn. I didn’t do any damage to the joint, just the muscles and tendons.

I will continue my PT, stationary bike and elliptical. I will keep ya posted! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Gregg- 15 Weeks 4 days

  1. Hi Greg,
    Sorry to hear about your setback, sounds a little like mine. Can you describe a little more about how the pain feels, where it is. Maybe it’s common and others can learn from the symptoms before it gets worse. For me I’ve been suffering with it for over 7 months and have taken about 2 months off during that time. Find a chiropractor, massage person and take up yoga, aqua jogging and cycling. Take it easy and rest when you feel pain. Hope you back running soon but don’t push it.

  2. Gregg,
    I know the feeling. Dave does too. But look you have to look at the bright side too. Your hip started feeling better, you overdid it a bit, and then your hip told you to stop. YOU STOPPED. THAT my friend is key. You’ll have plenty of stops and starts before you are fully healed. My doctor told me hips don’t fully heal for 3 to 5 years. THREE TO FIVE YEARS. You listened to your hip and as much as it SEEMS like a setback, it is not. You are only 15 weeks out. The hip will probably be cautioning you well into the next year. The worst thing you could have done is ignored it and kept going. You did the right thing. Your hip will rest and you will start again. Keep getting back on that horse. Eventually IT WILL STOP BUCKING YOU OFF. I promise.

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