Tom – Hood to Coast Race Report & A New Hip Runner

Full of Optimism and good humor at Mt. Hood – The start of The Hood to Coast Relay.

The Hood To Coast relay is one of my most favorite races.  And running it with the DHD (Dirty Half Dozen) group makes it that much more special.  The core group of these guys have been close since grade school.  Their team name comes from their younger days of watching the Dirty Dozen movies.  In these movies, a dozen misfits are called on to take on fateful missions with great odds stacked against them.  Time and time again, the group prevails.

Since there weren’t 12 people in this tight group of friends, they called themselves the Dirty Half Dozen instead of the Dirty Dozen.  When they signed up for their first Hood to Coast  in 1986, they added “plus six” to their name and found six others.  This year was the 28th year for the group.  I am one of the lucky “plus sixes” who got to hang out with them.  The email banter that went back and forth in the weeks leading up to this race made me realize that even thought I’d been away for a long time,  I was not above being targeted for getting a wheeney  leg (leg 10, 4th easiest) “just” because  I had a fake hip.   It was all in good fun and when we all met up at the top of the mountain I was welcomed back in to the group as if I’d never left.

Late night exchange Van #1 handing off to Van #2

This year’s Hood to Coast Relay was a good one for me.  I was in reasonably good shape and the weather was absolutely perfect.  I can recall times that I have run this race when it was freezing cold at the starting line and the late night temperatures were uncomfortably cool.  This time though, it seemed it was actually warmer at night then it was during my day time legs.  At one point in the middle of the night, it was raining, but the rain was warm and it felt like we were in a rain forest.  In the morning, the sky was overcast, and it was pleasantly cool.   Perfect weather for running.  Then in the afternoon after we finished, the sun came out and we enjoyed a great late afternoon/evening on the beach.

Sunny in the afternoon after the finish. Happy to be done!

My legs were good.  5.21,6.81 and 3.38 miles each.  They had me projected to run an average pace of 6:38 for all 3 legs.  Instead, I ended up averaging 6:10 for leg 1, 6:23 for leg 2, and 6:33 for leg 3.  My average for all 3 legs was 6:20.  I was actually hoping for faster.  The team finished 2nd in the Men’s Sub-Master’s Division and 15th overall.  It was the fastest they had run in several years.  It was time to celebrate on the beach.

Showing off the hardward at the awards ceremony on Sunday Morning....
Showing off the hardware at the awards ceremony on Sunday Morning….

My hip felt great!  My legs felt awesome.  I don’t recall feeling so good after having run in Hood to Coast.  Did I actually run it???? I hope so…..

I would like to change gears and welcome another New Hip Runner to the group.  Eileen contacted me a few days ago.  Here is what she had to say….

“Hi, stumbled upon this group when I was trying to talk myself out of surgery, now I have some hope. Working my way thought the e-book, trying to heal.

51 year old female, runner for years, diagnosed with a labral tear of my riight hip in May, 2012, unsuccessful attempt at an arthoscopic repair. I finally gave in and had total hip replacement on 8/16,2013.

I have not run since may, 2012, looking forward to trying some of the techniques discussed here.

I would love to share my progress/story.”

Welcome Eileen, the hip running community would love to hear your story!  Be watching because she will be posting soon…..

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