Gregg- 14 Weeks

I rode my bike up Fort Mtn this last week which was a huge milestone for me. I hadn’t done that yet since my surgery. I used to ride it all the time. It’s 8 miles of climbing that has about 2,500 ft elevation. I did it twice and it felt great! I was worried about standing up while climbing and it didn’t bother the hip at all. So I was happy.

Well, this past weekend I ran 6 miles on the Pinhoti Trail on Saturday and decided to do it again the next day. So a total of 12 trail miles in less than 24 hrs. I wasn’t too sore either. Not as bad as I thought I would be.

I took a day off on Monday to recover and then ran 2 miles on a treadmill Tues evening. I’m not sure what I was thinking but I ran them alot faster than I should have. I did one of the miles in 8:40 and got it up to 10 mph at one point. (just to say I did I guess) Cause it wasn’t very bright.

I was limping and favoring the hip pretty good when I left. I decided to lay off the fast running and just stick to the slow, short strides. So I ran a slow 5 miles on treadmill last night and it felt so much better. Keeping my stride and steps small, everything up under me. It took me 1 hr. I did 5.0 mph or 12:00 pace.

My actual hip joint is good and strong but these damn hip muscles are still healing and I aggravate them everytime I run LOL. Hey, it’s not easy and it’s not pain free this early in recovery but running can be done. Especially it ya take it easy. I’m a wildcard, I push the limit constantly.

Oh by the way, I almost forgot. I have signed up to run an ultra next month. Georgia Jewel 35 miler. I am walking/running with my gf (her 1st ultra) and we are just wanting to finish. Not too worried about our time. People say I’m crazy but I’m doing it. I’ve got 4 more weeks to get ready.

I am increasing my mileage these next 3 weeks. Long runs of 10 this weekend, 15 next weekend and not sure yet on the following week.

I will keep yall posted! Happy running!



2 thoughts on “Gregg- 14 Weeks

  1. Greg, admire you enthusiasm but want to caution you about the ultra. I didn’t start running for 3 months after my operation and then took it easy for a year. Running hard for a year and I’ve been injured the last 6 months ever since my marathon. Although you may not be running it all and going after a time which I did I thin it’s a huge undertaking so early after your operation. If there is any chance you can ride a bike I would suggest you do that or work out how to pop up every 5 miles along the way to encourage your girlfriend, make crazy signs etc. If not and you still go ahead, good luck and let us know how you do.

    1. Thanks Dave! And you are right. I have been having problems with hamstring, IT band, glute. I decided not to do the ultra after all. I got way ahead of myself.

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