TOM – Hood to Coast Week

Our race starts at 6:45 on Friday 8/23, and won’t finish until sometime in the afternoon on Saturday

It’s Hood to Coast time!! And I couldn’t be more excited to meet up with a team that I used to run with quite regularly until my hip issues started flaring up.  Out of 12 legs, mine (leg 10) is the 3rd easiest.  The team is already giving me a little bit of flak about that.  But nothing compared to the banter that has been flying around on the email list all week.  Poor Jason Humble.  Jason, nicknamed “Not-so” many years ago, has been the target of most of the excited HTC talk that has been getting emailed around.  He is a good sport and an elite runner.  Good combination to have with this group.

So about the time everyone will be settled in for bed, I will be accepting the baton for my first leg.  This team has been running this race for 28 years and still having fun.

Great week in mileage for me this week.  In preparation for the Seattle 1/2 marathon that I plan to run in November, I stepped up my weekend mileage. Saturday 8 miles, Sunday 14 miles.  Feeling good.  No more 5k races in the near future, but these last 5 weeks of racing have been great preparation for the upcoming relay.  I’ll try to hiptwit the experience…….

Finally, I would like to offer a big welcome to our newest hiprunner, Causja.  She hasn’t had a hip replacement but has some big hip issues.  (She has already posted her first post).    She found this site through the web, but we are also practically neighbors.  She lives in Post Falls, ID.  Just a hop-skip-and-a-jump down the road from me.  Hopefully she will find good information on this site.

4 thoughts on “TOM – Hood to Coast Week

  1. So glad when I found you! I had a hip replacement June 2011. Smith and Nephew. It sucked that first year during recovery.

    I didnt run before. My hip was bad since I was 15. Needed it replaced at 24, waited till I was 33. Back in March of this year I just had to do something so I started walking the track. Watching people jogging around the track. I was quite jealous. SO I started doing a tiny little bit of running. 1/4 of the track at a time. Which turned into 1 lap which turned into miles but I set a limit to run max 3 miles since I am not suppose to be running. After finding your page just over a week ago I am pushing myself. Ran my farthest 5.2 miles, then few days later 4 miles. Now I am not afraid to push myself so much. My goal is to do a 10k over the next few days. Think that will be my max running. I am still a chicken to go through that surgery again. Me and pain meds weren’t friends so I suffered pretty bad.

    Anyway that is my little story. Glad to find you all!

  2. Thank you so much for the warm welcome! It’s so ironic that we live right next door to each other. On I side note : I did have a complete hip replacement when I was 21 🙂 I’m sorry if there was some confusion there.

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