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looking for a bit of advice. Had THR ( right hip ) 12 months ago exactly. A year prior to the op , I was a sub 19 min 5 k , sub 40min 10k , training approx 50 miles a week. Decided on advice to give the hip 9 months to recover and resorted to walking 10km a day to keep fit. Every so often I would jog 2 miles just to see how it felt, but to be honest it took the 9 months before I jogged the 2 miles and felt no pain. So in July I began slowly running 5 km every second/third day building to 8 kms four times a week up till two weeks ago. Then I started to get piercing pain shooting from top of my thigh down to my knee after 3 miles bringing me to a stop by the time I got to 5 mile mark. I took last week off and tried again yesterday, but it’s still there. Have I done damage or is this something I should “ run through “. All was going so well. I’m gutted to be honest. I know I will never run like I did before ( I’m 44 ), and that kills me, but I was happy losing weight and trotting around @ 9 min a mile pace. I feel like giving up.

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      Hi All looking for a bit of advice. Had THR ( right hip ) 12 months ago exactly. A year prior to the op , I was a sub 19 min 5 k , sub 40min 10k , tra
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      Hi there. 7 years now since THR anterior approach. I have had patches of time where I would get anterior hip pain with also low back and lateral knee pain at 3-5 mile point. I thought I maybe had done something to the hip or tore soft tissue but MRI was negative. Saw PT and was told I had gluteus medius weakness and doubled down on core work (bridges, resisted adduction, single leg squats) and I’m back in business. I think we all become biomechanically unbalanced due to the initial arthritis and then the prosthetic (lost proprioception) and get what they call “dead butt”. I hope that’s the answer for you. See a PT soon and at least get evaluated.

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      I feel for you, I’m in the same boat. The answer to your initial question is: no one knows. Even the greatest surgeons or PTs can’t know everything that goes on inside you. It is probably muscular, and hours of stretching/PT may fix it; give it a shot. It might be prosthetic; X-rays and MRI does not reveal every variable, so they may say “nothing wrong”, but there are always those cases….. Look at it from a risk/reward perspective. Will stretching/PT hurt me in the long run; nope. Will running through the pain disturb the prosthetic? Maybe, maybe not. I’m resigned to hiking and mountain biking and having zero pain. Would rather run, but a man must know his own limitations. Good Luck.

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      Many thanks for the reply’s. it’s off to a PT for me. It’s nice to get a bit of advice / reassurance. In a
      Sport where I have always trained alone etc, I have felt even more alone with no advice to be gotten since the op. No follow ups from the consultant/physios . Just job done, 13k wham bam thank you man. Wasn’t given any advice / exercises apart from get out there and walk with a few minimal stretches to be done for the first 6 weeks. Told never to run again. Rant over. Take care everyone. Happy running/ hiking/biking.

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      Hang in there. I had my right total hip replacement done in May of 2018. It took me over a year to even feel like running on it. Even after that, I had some ups and downs. I always was questioning if something was wrong and if I made a mistake getting it done. I experienced the same pain that you are describing and it was crushing. I believe it’s muscular and things are just getting use to being in a new alignment. Lots of stretching, foam rolling, strength exercises really seem to help.

      I’ve been feeling really good again, since January. Actually ran a boston qualifier again this august with a 2:59 and sub 17:30 5K. My hip usually tells me when I’m over doing things and I need to listen to it. Lots of hiking up hill, biking, etc.. on days I shouldn’t run.

      Keep your head up! Things do get better.

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